codemp/game/be_ai_chat.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  bot_consolemessage_s
struct  bot_match_s
struct  bot_matchvariable_s


#define MAX_MESSAGE_SIZE   256
#define MAX_CHATTYPE_NAME   32
#define CHAT_ALL   0
#define CHAT_TEAM   1
#define CHAT_TELL   2


typedef bot_consolemessage_s bot_consolemessage_t
typedef bot_matchvariable_s bot_matchvariable_t
typedef bot_match_s bot_match_t


int BotSetupChatAI (void)
void BotShutdownChatAI (void)
int BotAllocChatState (void)
void BotFreeChatState (int handle)
void BotQueueConsoleMessage (int chatstate, int type, char *message)
void BotRemoveConsoleMessage (int chatstate, int handle)
int BotNextConsoleMessage (int chatstate, bot_consolemessage_t *cm)
int BotNumConsoleMessages (int chatstate)
void BotInitialChat (int chatstate, char *type, int mcontext, char *var0, char *var1, char *var2, char *var3, char *var4, char *var5, char *var6, char *var7)
int BotNumInitialChats (int chatstate, char *type)
int BotReplyChat (int chatstate, char *message, int mcontext, int vcontext, char *var0, char *var1, char *var2, char *var3, char *var4, char *var5, char *var6, char *var7)
int BotChatLength (int chatstate)
void BotEnterChat (int chatstate, int clientto, int sendto)
void BotGetChatMessage (int chatstate, char *buf, int size)
int StringContains (char *str1, char *str2, int casesensitive)
int BotFindMatch (char *str, bot_match_t *match, unsigned long int context)
void BotMatchVariable (bot_match_t *match, int variable, char *buf, int size)
void UnifyWhiteSpaces (char *string)
void BotReplaceSynonyms (char *string, unsigned long int context)
int BotLoadChatFile (int chatstate, char *chatfile, char *chatname)
void BotSetChatGender (int chatstate, int gender)
void BotSetChatName (int chatstate, char *name, int client)

Define Documentation

#define CHAT_ALL   0

Definition at line 24 of file be_ai_chat.h.


Definition at line 21 of file be_ai_chat.h.


Definition at line 20 of file be_ai_chat.h.


Definition at line 22 of file be_ai_chat.h.

#define CHAT_TEAM   1

Definition at line 25 of file be_ai_chat.h.

#define CHAT_TELL   2

Definition at line 26 of file be_ai_chat.h.

#define MAX_CHATTYPE_NAME   32

Definition at line 17 of file be_ai_chat.h.


Definition at line 18 of file be_ai_chat.h.

#define MAX_MESSAGE_SIZE   256

Definition at line 16 of file be_ai_chat.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct bot_consolemessage_s bot_consolemessage_t

typedef struct bot_match_s bot_match_t

typedef struct bot_matchvariable_s bot_matchvariable_t

Function Documentation

int BotAllocChatState void   ) 

int BotChatLength int  chatstate  ) 

void BotEnterChat int  chatstate,
int  clientto,
int  sendto

int BotFindMatch char *  str,
bot_match_t match,
unsigned long int  context

void BotFreeChatState int  handle  ) 

void BotGetChatMessage int  chatstate,
char *  buf,
int  size

void BotInitialChat int  chatstate,
char *  type,
int  mcontext,
char *  var0,
char *  var1,
char *  var2,
char *  var3,
char *  var4,
char *  var5,
char *  var6,
char *  var7

int BotLoadChatFile int  chatstate,
char *  chatfile,
char *  chatname

void BotMatchVariable bot_match_t match,
int  variable,
char *  buf,
int  size

int BotNextConsoleMessage int  chatstate,
bot_consolemessage_t cm

int BotNumConsoleMessages int  chatstate  ) 

int BotNumInitialChats int  chatstate,
char *  type

void BotQueueConsoleMessage int  chatstate,
int  type,
char *  message

void BotRemoveConsoleMessage int  chatstate,
int  handle

void BotReplaceSynonyms char *  string,
unsigned long int  context

int BotReplyChat int  chatstate,
char *  message,
int  mcontext,
int  vcontext,
char *  var0,
char *  var1,
char *  var2,
char *  var3,
char *  var4,
char *  var5,
char *  var6,
char *  var7

void BotSetChatGender int  chatstate,
int  gender

void BotSetChatName int  chatstate,
char *  name,
int  client

int BotSetupChatAI void   ) 

void BotShutdownChatAI void   ) 

int StringContains char *  str1,
char *  str2,
int  casesensitive

void UnifyWhiteSpaces char *  string  )