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Data Structures

struct  bot_goal_s


#define MAX_AVOIDGOALS   256
#define MAX_GOALSTACK   8
#define GFL_NONE   0
#define GFL_ITEM   1
#define GFL_ROAM   2
#define GFL_DROPPED   4


typedef bot_goal_s bot_goal_t


void BotResetGoalState (int goalstate)
void BotResetAvoidGoals (int goalstate)
void BotRemoveFromAvoidGoals (int goalstate, int number)
void BotPushGoal (int goalstate, bot_goal_t *goal)
void BotPopGoal (int goalstate)
void BotEmptyGoalStack (int goalstate)
void BotDumpAvoidGoals (int goalstate)
void BotDumpGoalStack (int goalstate)
void BotGoalName (int number, char *name, int size)
int BotGetTopGoal (int goalstate, bot_goal_t *goal)
int BotGetSecondGoal (int goalstate, bot_goal_t *goal)
int BotChooseLTGItem (int goalstate, vec3_t origin, int *inventory, int travelflags)
int BotChooseNBGItem (int goalstate, vec3_t origin, int *inventory, int travelflags, bot_goal_t *ltg, float maxtime)
int BotTouchingGoal (vec3_t origin, bot_goal_t *goal)
int BotItemGoalInVisButNotVisible (int viewer, vec3_t eye, vec3_t viewangles, bot_goal_t *goal)
int BotGetLevelItemGoal (int index, char *classname, bot_goal_t *goal)
int BotGetNextCampSpotGoal (int num, bot_goal_t *goal)
int BotGetMapLocationGoal (char *name, bot_goal_t *goal)
float BotAvoidGoalTime (int goalstate, int number)
void BotSetAvoidGoalTime (int goalstate, int number, float avoidtime)
void BotInitLevelItems (void)
void BotUpdateEntityItems (void)
void BotInterbreedGoalFuzzyLogic (int parent1, int parent2, int child)
void BotSaveGoalFuzzyLogic (int goalstate, char *filename)
void BotMutateGoalFuzzyLogic (int goalstate, float range)
int BotLoadItemWeights (int goalstate, char *filename)
void BotFreeItemWeights (int goalstate)
int BotAllocGoalState (int client)
void BotFreeGoalState (int handle)
int BotSetupGoalAI (void)
void BotShutdownGoalAI (void)

Define Documentation

#define GFL_DROPPED   4

Definition at line 22 of file be_ai_goal.h.

#define GFL_ITEM   1

Definition at line 20 of file be_ai_goal.h.

#define GFL_NONE   0

Definition at line 19 of file be_ai_goal.h.

#define GFL_ROAM   2

Definition at line 21 of file be_ai_goal.h.

#define MAX_AVOIDGOALS   256

Definition at line 16 of file be_ai_goal.h.

#define MAX_GOALSTACK   8

Definition at line 17 of file be_ai_goal.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct bot_goal_s bot_goal_t

Function Documentation

int BotAllocGoalState int  client  ) 

float BotAvoidGoalTime int  goalstate,
int  number

int BotChooseLTGItem int  goalstate,
vec3_t  origin,
int *  inventory,
int  travelflags

int BotChooseNBGItem int  goalstate,
vec3_t  origin,
int *  inventory,
int  travelflags,
bot_goal_t ltg,
float  maxtime

void BotDumpAvoidGoals int  goalstate  ) 

void BotDumpGoalStack int  goalstate  ) 

void BotEmptyGoalStack int  goalstate  ) 

void BotFreeGoalState int  handle  ) 

void BotFreeItemWeights int  goalstate  ) 

int BotGetLevelItemGoal int  index,
char *  classname,
bot_goal_t goal

int BotGetMapLocationGoal char *  name,
bot_goal_t goal

int BotGetNextCampSpotGoal int  num,
bot_goal_t goal

int BotGetSecondGoal int  goalstate,
bot_goal_t goal

int BotGetTopGoal int  goalstate,
bot_goal_t goal

void BotGoalName int  number,
char *  name,
int  size

void BotInitLevelItems void   ) 

void BotInterbreedGoalFuzzyLogic int  parent1,
int  parent2,
int  child

int BotItemGoalInVisButNotVisible int  viewer,
vec3_t  eye,
vec3_t  viewangles,
bot_goal_t goal

int BotLoadItemWeights int  goalstate,
char *  filename

void BotMutateGoalFuzzyLogic int  goalstate,
float  range

void BotPopGoal int  goalstate  ) 

void BotPushGoal int  goalstate,
bot_goal_t goal

void BotRemoveFromAvoidGoals int  goalstate,
int  number

void BotResetAvoidGoals int  goalstate  ) 

void BotResetGoalState int  goalstate  ) 

void BotSaveGoalFuzzyLogic int  goalstate,
char *  filename

void BotSetAvoidGoalTime int  goalstate,
int  number,
float  avoidtime

int BotSetupGoalAI void   ) 

void BotShutdownGoalAI void   ) 

int BotTouchingGoal vec3_t  origin,
bot_goal_t goal

void BotUpdateEntityItems void   )