codemp/game/g_syscalls.c File Reference

#include "g_local.h"
#include "../namespace_begin.h"
#include "../namespace_end.h"

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void dllEntry (int(QDECL *syscallptr)(int arg,...))
int PASSFLOAT (float x)
void trap_Printf (const char *fmt)
void trap_Error (const char *fmt)
int trap_Milliseconds (void)
void trap_PrecisionTimer_Start (void **theNewTimer)
int trap_PrecisionTimer_End (void *theTimer)
void trap_Cvar_Register (vmCvar_t *cvar, const char *var_name, const char *value, int flags)
void trap_Cvar_Update (vmCvar_t *cvar)
void trap_Cvar_Set (const char *var_name, const char *value)
int trap_Cvar_VariableIntegerValue (const char *var_name)
void trap_Cvar_VariableStringBuffer (const char *var_name, char *buffer, int bufsize)
int trap_Argc (void)
void trap_Argv (int n, char *buffer, int bufferLength)
int trap_FS_FOpenFile (const char *qpath, fileHandle_t *f, fsMode_t mode)
void trap_FS_Read (void *buffer, int len, fileHandle_t f)
void trap_FS_Write (const void *buffer, int len, fileHandle_t f)
void trap_FS_FCloseFile (fileHandle_t f)
void trap_SendConsoleCommand (int exec_when, const char *text)
void trap_LocateGameData (gentity_t *gEnts, int numGEntities, int sizeofGEntity_t, playerState_t *clients, int sizeofGClient)
void trap_DropClient (int clientNum, const char *reason)
void trap_SendServerCommand (int clientNum, const char *text)
void trap_SetConfigstring (int num, const char *string)
void trap_GetConfigstring (int num, char *buffer, int bufferSize)
void trap_GetUserinfo (int num, char *buffer, int bufferSize)
void trap_SetUserinfo (int num, const char *buffer)
void trap_GetServerinfo (char *buffer, int bufferSize)
void trap_SetServerCull (float cullDistance)
void trap_SetBrushModel (gentity_t *ent, const char *name)
void trap_Trace (trace_t *results, const vec3_t start, const vec3_t mins, const vec3_t maxs, const vec3_t end, int passEntityNum, int contentmask)
void trap_G2Trace (trace_t *results, const vec3_t start, const vec3_t mins, const vec3_t maxs, const vec3_t end, int passEntityNum, int contentmask, int g2TraceType, int traceLod)
int trap_PointContents (const vec3_t point, int passEntityNum)
qboolean trap_InPVS (const vec3_t p1, const vec3_t p2)
qboolean trap_InPVSIgnorePortals (const vec3_t p1, const vec3_t p2)
void trap_AdjustAreaPortalState (gentity_t *ent, qboolean open)
qboolean trap_AreasConnected (int area1, int area2)
void trap_LinkEntity (gentity_t *ent)
void trap_UnlinkEntity (gentity_t *ent)
int trap_EntitiesInBox (const vec3_t mins, const vec3_t maxs, int *list, int maxcount)
qboolean trap_EntityContact (const vec3_t mins, const vec3_t maxs, const gentity_t *ent)
int trap_BotAllocateClient (void)
void trap_BotFreeClient (int clientNum)
void trap_GetUsercmd (int clientNum, usercmd_t *cmd)
qboolean trap_GetEntityToken (char *buffer, int bufferSize)
void trap_SiegePersSet (siegePers_t *pers)
void trap_SiegePersGet (siegePers_t *pers)
int trap_FS_GetFileList (const char *path, const char *extension, char *listbuf, int bufsize)
int trap_DebugPolygonCreate (int color, int numPoints, vec3_t *points)
void trap_DebugPolygonDelete (int id)
int trap_RealTime (qtime_t *qtime)
void trap_SnapVector (float *v)
void trap_TraceCapsule (trace_t *results, const vec3_t start, const vec3_t mins, const vec3_t maxs, const vec3_t end, int passEntityNum, int contentmask)
qboolean trap_EntityContactCapsule (const vec3_t mins, const vec3_t maxs, const gentity_t *ent)
int trap_SP_GetStringTextString (const char *text, char *buffer, int bufferLength)
qboolean trap_ROFF_Clean (void)
void trap_ROFF_UpdateEntities (void)
int trap_ROFF_Cache (char *file)
qboolean trap_ROFF_Play (int entID, int roffID, qboolean doTranslation)
qboolean trap_ROFF_Purge_Ent (int entID)
void trap_TrueMalloc (void **ptr, int size)
void trap_TrueFree (void **ptr)
int trap_ICARUS_RunScript (gentity_t *ent, const char *name)
qboolean trap_ICARUS_RegisterScript (const char *name, qboolean bCalledDuringInterrogate)
void trap_ICARUS_Init (void)
qboolean trap_ICARUS_ValidEnt (gentity_t *ent)
qboolean trap_ICARUS_IsInitialized (int entID)
qboolean trap_ICARUS_MaintainTaskManager (int entID)
qboolean trap_ICARUS_IsRunning (int entID)
qboolean trap_ICARUS_TaskIDPending (gentity_t *ent, int taskID)
void trap_ICARUS_InitEnt (gentity_t *ent)
void trap_ICARUS_FreeEnt (gentity_t *ent)
void trap_ICARUS_AssociateEnt (gentity_t *ent)
void trap_ICARUS_Shutdown (void)
void trap_ICARUS_TaskIDSet (gentity_t *ent, int taskType, int taskID)
void trap_ICARUS_TaskIDComplete (gentity_t *ent, int taskType)
void trap_ICARUS_SetVar (int taskID, int entID, const char *type_name, const char *data)
int trap_ICARUS_VariableDeclared (const char *type_name)
int trap_ICARUS_GetFloatVariable (const char *name, float *value)
int trap_ICARUS_GetStringVariable (const char *name, const char *value)
int trap_ICARUS_GetVectorVariable (const char *name, const vec3_t value)
void trap_Nav_Init (void)
void trap_Nav_Free (void)
qboolean trap_Nav_Load (const char *filename, int checksum)
qboolean trap_Nav_Save (const char *filename, int checksum)
int trap_Nav_AddRawPoint (vec3_t point, int flags, int radius)
void trap_Nav_CalculatePaths (qboolean recalc)
void trap_Nav_HardConnect (int first, int second)
void trap_Nav_ShowNodes (void)
void trap_Nav_ShowEdges (void)
void trap_Nav_ShowPath (int start, int end)
int trap_Nav_GetNearestNode (gentity_t *ent, int lastID, int flags, int targetID)
int trap_Nav_GetBestNode (int startID, int endID, int rejectID)
int trap_Nav_GetNodePosition (int nodeID, vec3_t out)
int trap_Nav_GetNodeNumEdges (int nodeID)
int trap_Nav_GetNodeEdge (int nodeID, int edge)
int trap_Nav_GetNumNodes (void)
qboolean trap_Nav_Connected (int startID, int endID)
int trap_Nav_GetPathCost (int startID, int endID)
int trap_Nav_GetEdgeCost (int startID, int endID)
int trap_Nav_GetProjectedNode (vec3_t origin, int nodeID)
void trap_Nav_CheckFailedNodes (gentity_t *ent)
void trap_Nav_AddFailedNode (gentity_t *ent, int nodeID)
qboolean trap_Nav_NodeFailed (gentity_t *ent, int nodeID)
qboolean trap_Nav_NodesAreNeighbors (int startID, int endID)
void trap_Nav_ClearFailedEdge (failedEdge_t *failedEdge)
void trap_Nav_ClearAllFailedEdges (void)
int trap_Nav_EdgeFailed (int startID, int endID)
void trap_Nav_AddFailedEdge (int entID, int startID, int endID)
qboolean trap_Nav_CheckFailedEdge (failedEdge_t *failedEdge)
void trap_Nav_CheckAllFailedEdges (void)
qboolean trap_Nav_RouteBlocked (int startID, int testEdgeID, int endID, int rejectRank)
int trap_Nav_GetBestNodeAltRoute (int startID, int endID, int *pathCost, int rejectID)
int trap_Nav_GetBestNodeAltRoute2 (int startID, int endID, int rejectID)
int trap_Nav_GetBestPathBetweenEnts (gentity_t *ent, gentity_t *goal, int flags)
int trap_Nav_GetNodeRadius (int nodeID)
void trap_Nav_CheckBlockedEdges (void)
void trap_Nav_ClearCheckedNodes (void)
int trap_Nav_CheckedNode (int wayPoint, int ent)
void trap_Nav_SetCheckedNode (int wayPoint, int ent, int value)
void trap_Nav_FlagAllNodes (int newFlag)
qboolean trap_Nav_GetPathsCalculated (void)
void trap_Nav_SetPathsCalculated (qboolean newVal)
void trap_SV_RegisterSharedMemory (char *memory)
int trap_BotLibSetup (void)
int trap_BotLibShutdown (void)
int trap_BotLibVarSet (char *var_name, char *value)
int trap_BotLibVarGet (char *var_name, char *value, int size)
int trap_BotLibDefine (char *string)
int trap_BotLibStartFrame (float time)
int trap_BotLibLoadMap (const char *mapname)
int trap_BotLibUpdateEntity (int ent, void *bue)
int trap_BotLibTest (int parm0, char *parm1, vec3_t parm2, vec3_t parm3)
int trap_BotGetSnapshotEntity (int clientNum, int sequence)
int trap_BotGetServerCommand (int clientNum, char *message, int size)
void trap_BotUserCommand (int clientNum, usercmd_t *ucmd)
void trap_AAS_EntityInfo (int entnum, void *info)
int trap_AAS_Initialized (void)
void trap_AAS_PresenceTypeBoundingBox (int presencetype, vec3_t mins, vec3_t maxs)
float trap_AAS_Time (void)
int trap_AAS_PointAreaNum (vec3_t point)
int trap_AAS_PointReachabilityAreaIndex (vec3_t point)
int trap_AAS_TraceAreas (vec3_t start, vec3_t end, int *areas, vec3_t *points, int maxareas)
int trap_AAS_BBoxAreas (vec3_t absmins, vec3_t absmaxs, int *areas, int maxareas)
int trap_AAS_AreaInfo (int areanum, void *info)
int trap_AAS_PointContents (vec3_t point)
int trap_AAS_NextBSPEntity (int ent)
int trap_AAS_ValueForBSPEpairKey (int ent, char *key, char *value, int size)
int trap_AAS_VectorForBSPEpairKey (int ent, char *key, vec3_t v)
int trap_AAS_FloatForBSPEpairKey (int ent, char *key, float *value)
int trap_AAS_IntForBSPEpairKey (int ent, char *key, int *value)
int trap_AAS_AreaReachability (int areanum)
int trap_AAS_AreaTravelTimeToGoalArea (int areanum, vec3_t origin, int goalareanum, int travelflags)
int trap_AAS_EnableRoutingArea (int areanum, int enable)
int trap_AAS_PredictRoute (void *route, int areanum, vec3_t origin, int goalareanum, int travelflags, int maxareas, int maxtime, int stopevent, int stopcontents, int stoptfl, int stopareanum)
int trap_AAS_AlternativeRouteGoals (vec3_t start, int startareanum, vec3_t goal, int goalareanum, int travelflags, void *altroutegoals, int maxaltroutegoals, int type)
int trap_AAS_Swimming (vec3_t origin)
int trap_AAS_PredictClientMovement (void *move, int entnum, vec3_t origin, int presencetype, int onground, vec3_t velocity, vec3_t cmdmove, int cmdframes, int maxframes, float frametime, int stopevent, int stopareanum, int visualize)
void trap_EA_Say (int client, char *str)
void trap_EA_SayTeam (int client, char *str)
void trap_EA_Command (int client, char *command)
void trap_EA_Action (int client, int action)
void trap_EA_Gesture (int client)
void trap_EA_Talk (int client)
void trap_EA_Attack (int client)
void trap_EA_Alt_Attack (int client)
void trap_EA_ForcePower (int client)
void trap_EA_Use (int client)
void trap_EA_Respawn (int client)
void trap_EA_Crouch (int client)
void trap_EA_MoveUp (int client)
void trap_EA_MoveDown (int client)
void trap_EA_MoveForward (int client)
void trap_EA_MoveBack (int client)
void trap_EA_MoveLeft (int client)
void trap_EA_MoveRight (int client)
void trap_EA_SelectWeapon (int client, int weapon)
void trap_EA_Jump (int client)
void trap_EA_DelayedJump (int client)
void trap_EA_Move (int client, vec3_t dir, float speed)
void trap_EA_View (int client, vec3_t viewangles)
void trap_EA_EndRegular (int client, float thinktime)
void trap_EA_GetInput (int client, float thinktime, void *input)
void trap_EA_ResetInput (int client)
int trap_BotLoadCharacter (char *charfile, float skill)
void trap_BotFreeCharacter (int character)
float trap_Characteristic_Float (int character, int index)
float trap_Characteristic_BFloat (int character, int index, float min, float max)
int trap_Characteristic_Integer (int character, int index)
int trap_Characteristic_BInteger (int character, int index, int min, int max)
void trap_Characteristic_String (int character, int index, char *buf, int size)
int trap_BotAllocChatState (void)
void trap_BotFreeChatState (int handle)
void trap_BotQueueConsoleMessage (int chatstate, int type, char *message)
void trap_BotRemoveConsoleMessage (int chatstate, int handle)
int trap_BotNextConsoleMessage (int chatstate, void *cm)
int trap_BotNumConsoleMessages (int chatstate)
void trap_BotInitialChat (int chatstate, char *type, int mcontext, char *var0, char *var1, char *var2, char *var3, char *var4, char *var5, char *var6, char *var7)
int trap_BotNumInitialChats (int chatstate, char *type)
int trap_BotReplyChat (int chatstate, char *message, int mcontext, int vcontext, char *var0, char *var1, char *var2, char *var3, char *var4, char *var5, char *var6, char *var7)
int trap_BotChatLength (int chatstate)
void trap_BotEnterChat (int chatstate, int client, int sendto)
void trap_BotGetChatMessage (int chatstate, char *buf, int size)
int trap_StringContains (char *str1, char *str2, int casesensitive)
int trap_BotFindMatch (char *str, void *match, unsigned long int context)
void trap_BotMatchVariable (void *match, int variable, char *buf, int size)
void trap_UnifyWhiteSpaces (char *string)
void trap_BotReplaceSynonyms (char *string, unsigned long int context)
int trap_BotLoadChatFile (int chatstate, char *chatfile, char *chatname)
void trap_BotSetChatGender (int chatstate, int gender)
void trap_BotSetChatName (int chatstate, char *name, int client)
void trap_BotResetGoalState (int goalstate)
void trap_BotResetAvoidGoals (int goalstate)
void trap_BotRemoveFromAvoidGoals (int goalstate, int number)
void trap_BotPushGoal (int goalstate, void *goal)
void trap_BotPopGoal (int goalstate)
void trap_BotEmptyGoalStack (int goalstate)
void trap_BotDumpAvoidGoals (int goalstate)
void trap_BotDumpGoalStack (int goalstate)
void trap_BotGoalName (int number, char *name, int size)
int trap_BotGetTopGoal (int goalstate, void *goal)
int trap_BotGetSecondGoal (int goalstate, void *goal)
int trap_BotChooseLTGItem (int goalstate, vec3_t origin, int *inventory, int travelflags)
int trap_BotChooseNBGItem (int goalstate, vec3_t origin, int *inventory, int travelflags, void *ltg, float maxtime)
int trap_BotTouchingGoal (vec3_t origin, void *goal)
int trap_BotItemGoalInVisButNotVisible (int viewer, vec3_t eye, vec3_t viewangles, void *goal)
int trap_BotGetLevelItemGoal (int index, char *classname, void *goal)
int trap_BotGetNextCampSpotGoal (int num, void *goal)
int trap_BotGetMapLocationGoal (char *name, void *goal)
float trap_BotAvoidGoalTime (int goalstate, int number)
void trap_BotSetAvoidGoalTime (int goalstate, int number, float avoidtime)
void trap_BotInitLevelItems (void)
void trap_BotUpdateEntityItems (void)
int trap_BotLoadItemWeights (int goalstate, char *filename)
void trap_BotFreeItemWeights (int goalstate)
void trap_BotInterbreedGoalFuzzyLogic (int parent1, int parent2, int child)
void trap_BotSaveGoalFuzzyLogic (int goalstate, char *filename)
void trap_BotMutateGoalFuzzyLogic (int goalstate, float range)
int trap_BotAllocGoalState (int state)
void trap_BotFreeGoalState (int handle)
void trap_BotResetMoveState (int movestate)
void trap_BotAddAvoidSpot (int movestate, vec3_t origin, float radius, int type)
void trap_BotMoveToGoal (void *result, int movestate, void *goal, int travelflags)
int trap_BotMoveInDirection (int movestate, vec3_t dir, float speed, int type)
void trap_BotResetAvoidReach (int movestate)
void trap_BotResetLastAvoidReach (int movestate)
int trap_BotReachabilityArea (vec3_t origin, int testground)
int trap_BotMovementViewTarget (int movestate, void *goal, int travelflags, float lookahead, vec3_t target)
int trap_BotPredictVisiblePosition (vec3_t origin, int areanum, void *goal, int travelflags, vec3_t target)
int trap_BotAllocMoveState (void)
void trap_BotFreeMoveState (int handle)
void trap_BotInitMoveState (int handle, void *initmove)
int trap_BotChooseBestFightWeapon (int weaponstate, int *inventory)
void trap_BotGetWeaponInfo (int weaponstate, int weapon, void *weaponinfo)
int trap_BotLoadWeaponWeights (int weaponstate, char *filename)
int trap_BotAllocWeaponState (void)
void trap_BotFreeWeaponState (int weaponstate)
void trap_BotResetWeaponState (int weaponstate)
int trap_GeneticParentsAndChildSelection (int numranks, float *ranks, int *parent1, int *parent2, int *child)
int trap_PC_LoadSource (const char *filename)
int trap_PC_FreeSource (int handle)
int trap_PC_ReadToken (int handle, pc_token_t *pc_token)
int trap_PC_SourceFileAndLine (int handle, char *filename, int *line)
qhandle_t trap_R_RegisterSkin (const char *name)
void trap_G2_ListModelBones (void *ghlInfo, int frame)
void trap_G2_ListModelSurfaces (void *ghlInfo)
qboolean trap_G2_HaveWeGhoul2Models (void *ghoul2)
void trap_G2_SetGhoul2ModelIndexes (void *ghoul2, qhandle_t *modelList, qhandle_t *skinList)
qboolean trap_G2API_GetBoltMatrix (void *ghoul2, const int modelIndex, const int boltIndex, mdxaBone_t *matrix, const vec3_t angles, const vec3_t position, const int frameNum, qhandle_t *modelList, vec3_t scale)
qboolean trap_G2API_GetBoltMatrix_NoReconstruct (void *ghoul2, const int modelIndex, const int boltIndex, mdxaBone_t *matrix, const vec3_t angles, const vec3_t position, const int frameNum, qhandle_t *modelList, vec3_t scale)
qboolean trap_G2API_GetBoltMatrix_NoRecNoRot (void *ghoul2, const int modelIndex, const int boltIndex, mdxaBone_t *matrix, const vec3_t angles, const vec3_t position, const int frameNum, qhandle_t *modelList, vec3_t scale)
int trap_G2API_InitGhoul2Model (void **ghoul2Ptr, const char *fileName, int modelIndex, qhandle_t customSkin, qhandle_t customShader, int modelFlags, int lodBias)
qboolean trap_G2API_SetSkin (void *ghoul2, int modelIndex, qhandle_t customSkin, qhandle_t renderSkin)
int trap_G2API_Ghoul2Size (void *ghlInfo)
int trap_G2API_AddBolt (void *ghoul2, int modelIndex, const char *boneName)
void trap_G2API_SetBoltInfo (void *ghoul2, int modelIndex, int boltInfo)
qboolean trap_G2API_SetBoneAngles (void *ghoul2, int modelIndex, const char *boneName, const vec3_t angles, const int flags, const int up, const int right, const int forward, qhandle_t *modelList, int blendTime, int currentTime)
qboolean trap_G2API_SetBoneAnim (void *ghoul2, const int modelIndex, const char *boneName, const int startFrame, const int endFrame, const int flags, const float animSpeed, const int currentTime, const float setFrame, const int blendTime)
qboolean trap_G2API_GetBoneAnim (void *ghoul2, const char *boneName, const int currentTime, float *currentFrame, int *startFrame, int *endFrame, int *flags, float *animSpeed, int *modelList, const int modelIndex)
void trap_G2API_GetGLAName (void *ghoul2, int modelIndex, char *fillBuf)
int trap_G2API_CopyGhoul2Instance (void *g2From, void *g2To, int modelIndex)
void trap_G2API_CopySpecificGhoul2Model (void *g2From, int modelFrom, void *g2To, int modelTo)
void trap_G2API_DuplicateGhoul2Instance (void *g2From, void **g2To)
qboolean trap_G2API_HasGhoul2ModelOnIndex (void *ghlInfo, int modelIndex)
qboolean trap_G2API_RemoveGhoul2Model (void *ghlInfo, int modelIndex)
qboolean trap_G2API_RemoveGhoul2Models (void *ghlInfo)
void trap_G2API_CleanGhoul2Models (void **ghoul2Ptr)
void trap_G2API_CollisionDetect (CollisionRecord_t *collRecMap, void *ghoul2, const vec3_t angles, const vec3_t position, int frameNumber, int entNum, vec3_t rayStart, vec3_t rayEnd, vec3_t scale, int traceFlags, int useLod, float fRadius)
void trap_G2API_CollisionDetectCache (CollisionRecord_t *collRecMap, void *ghoul2, const vec3_t angles, const vec3_t position, int frameNumber, int entNum, vec3_t rayStart, vec3_t rayEnd, vec3_t scale, int traceFlags, int useLod, float fRadius)
void trap_G2API_GetSurfaceName (void *ghoul2, int surfNumber, int modelIndex, char *fillBuf)
qboolean trap_G2API_SetRootSurface (void *ghoul2, const int modelIndex, const char *surfaceName)
qboolean trap_G2API_SetSurfaceOnOff (void *ghoul2, const char *surfaceName, const int flags)
qboolean trap_G2API_SetNewOrigin (void *ghoul2, const int boltIndex)
qboolean trap_G2API_DoesBoneExist (void *ghoul2, int modelIndex, const char *boneName)
int trap_G2API_GetSurfaceRenderStatus (void *ghoul2, const int modelIndex, const char *surfaceName)
void trap_G2API_AbsurdSmoothing (void *ghoul2, qboolean status)
void trap_G2API_SetRagDoll (void *ghoul2, sharedRagDollParams_t *params)
void trap_G2API_AnimateG2Models (void *ghoul2, int time, sharedRagDollUpdateParams_t *params)
qboolean trap_G2API_RagPCJConstraint (void *ghoul2, const char *boneName, vec3_t min, vec3_t max)
qboolean trap_G2API_RagPCJGradientSpeed (void *ghoul2, const char *boneName, const float speed)
qboolean trap_G2API_RagEffectorGoal (void *ghoul2, const char *boneName, vec3_t pos)
qboolean trap_G2API_GetRagBonePos (void *ghoul2, const char *boneName, vec3_t pos, vec3_t entAngles, vec3_t entPos, vec3_t entScale)
qboolean trap_G2API_RagEffectorKick (void *ghoul2, const char *boneName, vec3_t velocity)
qboolean trap_G2API_RagForceSolve (void *ghoul2, qboolean force)
qboolean trap_G2API_SetBoneIKState (void *ghoul2, int time, const char *boneName, int ikState, sharedSetBoneIKStateParams_t *params)
qboolean trap_G2API_IKMove (void *ghoul2, int time, sharedIKMoveParams_t *params)
qboolean trap_G2API_RemoveBone (void *ghoul2, const char *boneName, int modelIndex)
void trap_G2API_AttachInstanceToEntNum (void *ghoul2, int entityNum, qboolean server)
void trap_G2API_ClearAttachedInstance (int entityNum)
void trap_G2API_CleanEntAttachments (void)
qboolean trap_G2API_OverrideServer (void *serverInstance)
void trap_SetActiveSubBSP (int index)
int trap_CM_RegisterTerrain (const char *config)
void trap_RMG_Init (int terrainID)
void trap_Bot_UpdateWaypoints (int wpnum, wpobject_t **wps)
void trap_Bot_CalculatePaths (int rmg)

Function Documentation

void dllEntry int(QDECL *syscallptr  )(int arg,...)  ) 

Definition at line 14 of file g_syscalls.c.

00014                                                         {
00015         syscall = syscallptr;
00016 }

int PASSFLOAT float  x  ) 

Definition at line 21 of file g_syscalls.c.

00021                          {
00022         float   floatTemp;
00023         floatTemp = x;
00024         return *(int *)&floatTemp;
00025 }

int trap_AAS_AlternativeRouteGoals vec3_t  start,
int  startareanum,
vec3_t  goal,
int  goalareanum,
int  travelflags,
void *  altroutegoals,
int  maxaltroutegoals,
int  type

Definition at line 735 of file g_syscalls.c.


00737                                                                                           {
00738         return syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_ALTERNATIVE_ROUTE_GOAL, start, startareanum, goal, goalareanum, travelflags, altroutegoals, maxaltroutegoals, type );
00739 }

int trap_AAS_AreaInfo int  areanum,
void *  info

Definition at line 689 of file g_syscalls.c.


00689                                                                              {
00690         return syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_AREA_INFO, areanum, info );
00691 }

int trap_AAS_AreaReachability int  areanum  ) 

Definition at line 717 of file g_syscalls.c.


00717                                            {
00718         return syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_AREA_REACHABILITY, areanum );
00719 }

int trap_AAS_AreaTravelTimeToGoalArea int  areanum,
vec3_t  origin,
int  goalareanum,
int  travelflags

Definition at line 721 of file g_syscalls.c.


00721                                                                                                     {
00722         return syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_AREA_TRAVEL_TIME_TO_GOAL_AREA, areanum, origin, goalareanum, travelflags );
00723 }

int trap_AAS_BBoxAreas vec3_t  absmins,
vec3_t  absmaxs,
int *  areas,
int  maxareas

Definition at line 685 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_AAS_BBOX_AREAS, and vec3_t.

00685                                                                                  {
00686         return syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_BBOX_AREAS, absmins, absmaxs, areas, maxareas );
00687 }

int trap_AAS_EnableRoutingArea int  areanum,
int  enable

Definition at line 725 of file g_syscalls.c.


00725                                                           {
00726         return syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_ENABLE_ROUTING_AREA, areanum, enable );
00727 }

void trap_AAS_EntityInfo int  entnum,
void *  info

Definition at line 655 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by BotEntityInfo().

00655                                                                                {
00656         syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_ENTITY_INFO, entnum, info );
00657 }

int trap_AAS_FloatForBSPEpairKey int  ent,
char *  key,
float *  value

Definition at line 709 of file g_syscalls.c.


00709                                                                    {
00710         return syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_FLOAT_FOR_BSP_EPAIR_KEY, ent, key, value );
00711 }

int trap_AAS_Initialized void   ) 

Definition at line 659 of file g_syscalls.c.


00659                                {
00660         return syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_INITIALIZED );
00661 }

int trap_AAS_IntForBSPEpairKey int  ent,
char *  key,
int *  value

Definition at line 713 of file g_syscalls.c.


00713                                                                {
00714         return syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_INT_FOR_BSP_EPAIR_KEY, ent, key, value );
00715 }

int trap_AAS_NextBSPEntity int  ent  ) 

Definition at line 697 of file g_syscalls.c.


00697                                     {
00698         return syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_NEXT_BSP_ENTITY, ent );
00699 }

int trap_AAS_PointAreaNum vec3_t  point  ) 

Definition at line 673 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_AAS_POINT_AREA_NUM, and vec3_t.

00673                                         {
00674         return syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_POINT_AREA_NUM, point );
00675 }

int trap_AAS_PointContents vec3_t  point  ) 

Definition at line 693 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_AAS_POINT_CONTENTS, and vec3_t.

00693                                          {
00694         return syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_POINT_CONTENTS, point );
00695 }

int trap_AAS_PointReachabilityAreaIndex vec3_t  point  ) 

Definition at line 677 of file g_syscalls.c.


00677                                                       {
00678         return syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_POINT_REACHABILITY_AREA_INDEX, point );
00679 }

int trap_AAS_PredictClientMovement void *  move,
int  entnum,
vec3_t  origin,
int  presencetype,
int  onground,
vec3_t  velocity,
vec3_t  cmdmove,
int  cmdframes,
int  maxframes,
float  frametime,
int  stopevent,
int  stopareanum,
int  visualize

Definition at line 745 of file g_syscalls.c.


00745                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        {
00746         return syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_PREDICT_CLIENT_MOVEMENT, move, entnum, origin, presencetype, onground, velocity, cmdmove, cmdframes, maxframes, PASSFLOAT(frametime), stopevent, stopareanum, visualize );
00747 }

int trap_AAS_PredictRoute void *  route,
int  areanum,
vec3_t  origin,
int  goalareanum,
int  travelflags,
int  maxareas,
int  maxtime,
int  stopevent,
int  stopcontents,
int  stoptfl,
int  stopareanum

Definition at line 729 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_AAS_PREDICT_ROUTE, and vec3_t.

00731                                                                                                                        {
00732         return syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_PREDICT_ROUTE, route, areanum, origin, goalareanum, travelflags, maxareas, maxtime, stopevent, stopcontents, stoptfl, stopareanum );
00733 }

void trap_AAS_PresenceTypeBoundingBox int  presencetype,
vec3_t  mins,
vec3_t  maxs

Definition at line 663 of file g_syscalls.c.


00663                                                                                   {
00664         syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_PRESENCE_TYPE_BOUNDING_BOX, presencetype, mins, maxs );
00665 }

int trap_AAS_Swimming vec3_t  origin  ) 

Definition at line 741 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_AAS_SWIMMING, and vec3_t.

00741                                      {
00742         return syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_SWIMMING, origin );
00743 }

float trap_AAS_Time void   ) 

Definition at line 667 of file g_syscalls.c.


00667                           {
00668         int temp;
00669         temp = syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_TIME );
00670         return (*(float*)&temp);
00671 }

int trap_AAS_TraceAreas vec3_t  start,
vec3_t  end,
int *  areas,
vec3_t points,
int  maxareas

Definition at line 681 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_AAS_TRACE_AREAS, and vec3_t.

00681                                                                                             {
00682         return syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_TRACE_AREAS, start, end, areas, points, maxareas );
00683 }

int trap_AAS_ValueForBSPEpairKey int  ent,
char *  key,
char *  value,
int  size

Definition at line 701 of file g_syscalls.c.


00701                                                                             {
00702         return syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_VALUE_FOR_BSP_EPAIR_KEY, ent, key, value, size );
00703 }

int trap_AAS_VectorForBSPEpairKey int  ent,
char *  key,
vec3_t  v

Definition at line 705 of file g_syscalls.c.


00705                                                                 {
00706         return syscall( BOTLIB_AAS_VECTOR_FOR_BSP_EPAIR_KEY, ent, key, v );
00707 }

void trap_AdjustAreaPortalState gentity_t ent,
qboolean  open

Definition at line 170 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_ADJUST_AREA_PORTAL_STATE, and gentity_t.

Referenced by funcBBrushDieGo(), Reached_BinaryMover(), Use_BinaryMover_Go(), and use_wall().

00170                                                                  {
00171         syscall( G_ADJUST_AREA_PORTAL_STATE, ent, open );
00172 }

qboolean trap_AreasConnected int  area1,
int  area2

Definition at line 174 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_AREAS_CONNECTED, and qboolean.

00174                                                      {
00175         return syscall( G_AREAS_CONNECTED, area1, area2 );
00176 }

int trap_Argc void   ) 

Definition at line 77 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_ARGC.

00077                                   {
00078         return syscall( G_ARGC );
00079 }

void trap_Argv int  n,
char *  buffer,
int  bufferLength

Definition at line 81 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_ARGV.

00081                                                            {
00082         syscall( G_ARGV, n, buffer, bufferLength );
00083 }

void trap_Bot_CalculatePaths int  rmg  ) 

Definition at line 1488 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by BeginAutoPathRoutine().

01489 {
01490         syscall(G_BOT_CALCULATEPATHS, rmg);
01491 }

void trap_Bot_UpdateWaypoints int  wpnum,
wpobject_t **  wps

Definition at line 1483 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_BOT_UPDATEWAYPOINTS, and wpobject_t.

Referenced by BeginAutoPathRoutine().

01484 {
01485         syscall(G_BOT_UPDATEWAYPOINTS, wpnum, wps);
01486 }

void trap_BotAddAvoidSpot int  movestate,
vec3_t  origin,
float  radius,
int  type

Definition at line 1087 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_AI_ADD_AVOID_SPOT, PASSFLOAT(), and vec3_t.

01087                                                                                 {
01088         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_ADD_AVOID_SPOT, movestate, origin, PASSFLOAT(radius), type);
01089 }

int trap_BotAllocateClient void   ) 

Definition at line 194 of file g_syscalls.c.


00194                                    {
00195         return syscall( G_BOT_ALLOCATE_CLIENT );
00196 }

int trap_BotAllocChatState void   ) 

Definition at line 885 of file g_syscalls.c.


00885                                  {
00886         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_ALLOC_CHAT_STATE );
00887 }

int trap_BotAllocGoalState int  state  ) 

Definition at line 1075 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by BotAISetupClient().

01075                                       {
01076         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_ALLOC_GOAL_STATE, state );
01077 }

int trap_BotAllocMoveState void   ) 

Definition at line 1119 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by BotAISetupClient().

01119                                  {
01120         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_ALLOC_MOVE_STATE );
01121 }

int trap_BotAllocWeaponState void   ) 

Definition at line 1143 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by BotAISetupClient().

01143                                    {
01144         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_ALLOC_WEAPON_STATE );
01145 }

float trap_BotAvoidGoalTime int  goalstate,
int  number

Definition at line 1037 of file g_syscalls.c.


01037                                                        {
01038         int temp;
01039         temp = syscall( BOTLIB_AI_AVOID_GOAL_TIME, goalstate, number );
01040         return (*(float*)&temp);
01041 }

int trap_BotChatLength int  chatstate  ) 

Definition at line 921 of file g_syscalls.c.


00921                                       {
00922         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_CHAT_LENGTH, chatstate );
00923 }

int trap_BotChooseBestFightWeapon int  weaponstate,
int *  inventory

Definition at line 1131 of file g_syscalls.c.


01131                                                                    {
01132         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_CHOOSE_BEST_FIGHT_WEAPON, weaponstate, inventory );
01133 }

int trap_BotChooseLTGItem int  goalstate,
vec3_t  origin,
int *  inventory,
int  travelflags

Definition at line 1009 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_AI_CHOOSE_LTG_ITEM, and vec3_t.

01009                                                                                          {
01010         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_CHOOSE_LTG_ITEM, goalstate, origin, inventory, travelflags );
01011 }

int trap_BotChooseNBGItem int  goalstate,
vec3_t  origin,
int *  inventory,
int  travelflags,
void *  ltg,
float  maxtime

Definition at line 1013 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_AI_CHOOSE_NBG_ITEM, PASSFLOAT(), and vec3_t.

01013                                                                                                                                            {
01014         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_CHOOSE_NBG_ITEM, goalstate, origin, inventory, travelflags, ltg, PASSFLOAT(maxtime) );
01015 }

void trap_BotDumpAvoidGoals int  goalstate  ) 

Definition at line 989 of file g_syscalls.c.


00989                                            {
00990         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_DUMP_AVOID_GOALS, goalstate );
00991 }

void trap_BotDumpGoalStack int  goalstate  ) 

Definition at line 993 of file g_syscalls.c.


00993                                           {
00994         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_DUMP_GOAL_STACK, goalstate );
00995 }

void trap_BotEmptyGoalStack int  goalstate  ) 

Definition at line 985 of file g_syscalls.c.


00985                                            {
00986         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_EMPTY_GOAL_STACK, goalstate );
00987 }

void trap_BotEnterChat int  chatstate,
int  client,
int  sendto

Definition at line 925 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_AI_ENTER_CHAT, and client.

00925                                                               {
00926         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_ENTER_CHAT, chatstate, client, sendto );
00927 }

int trap_BotFindMatch char *  str,
void *  match,
unsigned long int  context

Definition at line 937 of file g_syscalls.c.


00937                                                                                                   {
00938         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_FIND_MATCH, str, match, context );
00939 }

void trap_BotFreeCharacter int  character  ) 

Definition at line 857 of file g_syscalls.c.


00857                                           {
00858         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_FREE_CHARACTER, character );
00859 }

void trap_BotFreeChatState int  handle  ) 

Definition at line 889 of file g_syscalls.c.


00889                                        {
00890         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_FREE_CHAT_STATE, handle );
00891 }

void trap_BotFreeClient int  clientNum  ) 

Definition at line 198 of file g_syscalls.c.


00198                                          {
00199         syscall( G_BOT_FREE_CLIENT, clientNum );
00200 }

void trap_BotFreeGoalState int  handle  ) 

Definition at line 1079 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by BotAIShutdownClient().

01079                                        {
01080         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_FREE_GOAL_STATE, handle );
01081 }

void trap_BotFreeItemWeights int  goalstate  ) 

Definition at line 1059 of file g_syscalls.c.


01059                                             {
01060         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_FREE_ITEM_WEIGHTS, goalstate );
01061 }

void trap_BotFreeMoveState int  handle  ) 

Definition at line 1123 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by BotAIShutdownClient().

01123                                        {
01124         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_FREE_MOVE_STATE, handle );
01125 }

void trap_BotFreeWeaponState int  weaponstate  ) 

Definition at line 1147 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by BotAIShutdownClient().

01147                                               {
01148         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_FREE_WEAPON_STATE, weaponstate );
01149 }

void trap_BotGetChatMessage int  chatstate,
char *  buf,
int  size

Definition at line 929 of file g_syscalls.c.


00929                                                                 {
00930         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_GET_CHAT_MESSAGE, chatstate, buf, size);
00931 }

int trap_BotGetLevelItemGoal int  index,
char *  classname,
void *  goal

Definition at line 1025 of file g_syscalls.c.


01025                                                                                              {
01026         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_GET_LEVEL_ITEM_GOAL, index, classname, goal );
01027 }

int trap_BotGetMapLocationGoal char *  name,
void *  goal

Definition at line 1033 of file g_syscalls.c.


01033                                                                                {
01034         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_GET_MAP_LOCATION_GOAL, name, goal );
01035 }

int trap_BotGetNextCampSpotGoal int  num,
void *  goal

Definition at line 1029 of file g_syscalls.c.


01029                                                                              {
01030         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_GET_NEXT_CAMP_SPOT_GOAL, num, goal );
01031 }

int trap_BotGetSecondGoal int  goalstate,
void *  goal

Definition at line 1005 of file g_syscalls.c.


01005                                                                              {
01006         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_GET_SECOND_GOAL, goalstate, goal );
01007 }

int trap_BotGetServerCommand int  clientNum,
char *  message,
int  size

Definition at line 647 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by BotAI().

00647                                                                      {
00648         return syscall( BOTLIB_GET_CONSOLE_MESSAGE, clientNum, message, size );
00649 }

int trap_BotGetSnapshotEntity int  clientNum,
int  sequence

Definition at line 643 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by BotAI_GetSnapshotEntity().

00643                                                              {
00644         return syscall( BOTLIB_GET_SNAPSHOT_ENTITY, clientNum, sequence );
00645 }

int trap_BotGetTopGoal int  goalstate,
void *  goal

Definition at line 1001 of file g_syscalls.c.


01001                                                                           {
01002         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_GET_TOP_GOAL, goalstate, goal );
01003 }

void trap_BotGetWeaponInfo int  weaponstate,
int  weapon,
void *  weaponinfo

Definition at line 1135 of file g_syscalls.c.


01135                                                                                                     {
01136         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_GET_WEAPON_INFO, weaponstate, weapon, weaponinfo );
01137 }

void trap_BotGoalName int  number,
char *  name,
int  size

Definition at line 997 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_AI_GOAL_NAME, and name.

00997                                                         {
00998         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_GOAL_NAME, number, name, size );
00999 }

void trap_BotInitialChat int  chatstate,
char *  type,
int  mcontext,
char *  var0,
char *  var1,
char *  var2,
char *  var3,
char *  var4,
char *  var5,
char *  var6,
char *  var7

Definition at line 909 of file g_syscalls.c.


00909                                                                                                                                                                    {
00910         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_INITIAL_CHAT, chatstate, type, mcontext, var0, var1, var2, var3, var4, var5, var6, var7 );
00911 }

void trap_BotInitLevelItems void   ) 

Definition at line 1047 of file g_syscalls.c.


01047                                   {
01048         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_INIT_LEVEL_ITEMS );
01049 }

void trap_BotInitMoveState int  handle,
void *  initmove

Definition at line 1127 of file g_syscalls.c.


01127                                                                                    {
01128         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_INIT_MOVE_STATE, handle, initmove );
01129 }

void trap_BotInterbreedGoalFuzzyLogic int  parent1,
int  parent2,
int  child

Definition at line 1063 of file g_syscalls.c.


01063                                                                            {
01064         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_INTERBREED_GOAL_FUZZY_LOGIC, parent1, parent2, child );
01065 }

int trap_BotItemGoalInVisButNotVisible int  viewer,
vec3_t  eye,
vec3_t  viewangles,
void *  goal

Definition at line 1021 of file g_syscalls.c.


01021                                                                                                                       {
01022         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_ITEM_GOAL_IN_VIS_BUT_NOT_VISIBLE, viewer, eye, viewangles, goal );
01023 }

int trap_BotLibDefine char *  string  ) 

Definition at line 623 of file g_syscalls.c.


00623                                     {
00624         return syscall( BOTLIB_PC_ADD_GLOBAL_DEFINE, string );
00625 }

int trap_BotLibLoadMap const char *  mapname  ) 

Definition at line 631 of file g_syscalls.c.


00631                                             {
00632         return syscall( BOTLIB_LOAD_MAP, mapname );
00633 }

int trap_BotLibSetup void   ) 

Definition at line 607 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_SETUP.

Referenced by BotAISetup().

00607                              {
00608         return syscall( BOTLIB_SETUP );
00609 }

int trap_BotLibShutdown void   ) 

Definition at line 611 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by BotAIShutdown().

00611                                 {
00612         return syscall( BOTLIB_SHUTDOWN );
00613 }

int trap_BotLibStartFrame float  time  ) 

Definition at line 627 of file g_syscalls.c.


00627                                       {
00628         return syscall( BOTLIB_START_FRAME, PASSFLOAT( time ) );
00629 }

int trap_BotLibTest int  parm0,
char *  parm1,
vec3_t  parm2,
vec3_t  parm3

Definition at line 639 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_TEST, and vec3_t.

00639                                                                         {
00640         return syscall( BOTLIB_TEST, parm0, parm1, parm2, parm3 );
00641 }

int trap_BotLibUpdateEntity int  ent,
void *  bue

Definition at line 635 of file g_syscalls.c.


00635                                                                                 {
00636         return syscall( BOTLIB_UPDATENTITY, ent, bue );
00637 }

int trap_BotLibVarGet char *  var_name,
char *  value,
int  size

Definition at line 619 of file g_syscalls.c.


00619                                                              {
00620         return syscall( BOTLIB_LIBVAR_GET, var_name, value, size );
00621 }

int trap_BotLibVarSet char *  var_name,
char *  value

Definition at line 615 of file g_syscalls.c.


00615                                                    {
00616         return syscall( BOTLIB_LIBVAR_SET, var_name, value );
00617 }

int trap_BotLoadCharacter char *  charfile,
float  skill

Definition at line 853 of file g_syscalls.c.


00853                                                        {
00854         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_LOAD_CHARACTER, charfile, PASSFLOAT(skill));
00855 }

int trap_BotLoadChatFile int  chatstate,
char *  chatfile,
char *  chatname

Definition at line 953 of file g_syscalls.c.


00953                                                                         {
00954         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_LOAD_CHAT_FILE, chatstate, chatfile, chatname );
00955 }

int trap_BotLoadItemWeights int  goalstate,
char *  filename

Definition at line 1055 of file g_syscalls.c.


01055                                                            {
01056         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_LOAD_ITEM_WEIGHTS, goalstate, filename );
01057 }

int trap_BotLoadWeaponWeights int  weaponstate,
char *  filename

Definition at line 1139 of file g_syscalls.c.


01139                                                                {
01140         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_LOAD_WEAPON_WEIGHTS, weaponstate, filename );
01141 }

void trap_BotMatchVariable void *  match,
int  variable,
char *  buf,
int  size

Definition at line 941 of file g_syscalls.c.


00941                                                                                                     {
00942         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_MATCH_VARIABLE, match, variable, buf, size );
00943 }

int trap_BotMoveInDirection int  movestate,
vec3_t  dir,
float  speed,
int  type

Definition at line 1095 of file g_syscalls.c.


01095                                                                               {
01096         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_MOVE_IN_DIRECTION, movestate, dir, PASSFLOAT(speed), type );
01097 }

int trap_BotMovementViewTarget int  movestate,
void *  goal,
int  travelflags,
float  lookahead,
vec3_t  target

Definition at line 1111 of file g_syscalls.c.


01111                                                                                                                                    {
01112         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_MOVEMENT_VIEW_TARGET, movestate, goal, travelflags, PASSFLOAT(lookahead), target );
01113 }

void trap_BotMoveToGoal void *  result,
int  movestate,
void *  goal,
int  travelflags

Definition at line 1091 of file g_syscalls.c.


01091                                                                                                                                         {
01092         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_MOVE_TO_GOAL, result, movestate, goal, travelflags );
01093 }

void trap_BotMutateGoalFuzzyLogic int  goalstate,
float  range

Definition at line 1071 of file g_syscalls.c.


01071                                                               {
01072         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_MUTATE_GOAL_FUZZY_LOGIC, goalstate, range );
01073 }

int trap_BotNextConsoleMessage int  chatstate,
void *  cm

Definition at line 901 of file g_syscalls.c.


00901                                                                                           {
00902         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_NEXT_CONSOLE_MESSAGE, chatstate, cm );
00903 }

int trap_BotNumConsoleMessages int  chatstate  ) 

Definition at line 905 of file g_syscalls.c.


00905                                               {
00906         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_NUM_CONSOLE_MESSAGE, chatstate );
00907 }

int trap_BotNumInitialChats int  chatstate,
char *  type

Definition at line 913 of file g_syscalls.c.


00913                                                            {
00914         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_NUM_INITIAL_CHATS, chatstate, type );
00915 }

void trap_BotPopGoal int  goalstate  ) 

Definition at line 981 of file g_syscalls.c.


00981                                     {
00982         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_POP_GOAL, goalstate );
00983 }

int trap_BotPredictVisiblePosition vec3_t  origin,
int  areanum,
void *  goal,
int  travelflags,
vec3_t  target

Definition at line 1115 of file g_syscalls.c.


01115                                                                                                                                    {
01116         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_PREDICT_VISIBLE_POSITION, origin, areanum, goal, travelflags, target );
01117 }

void trap_BotPushGoal int  goalstate,
void *  goal

Definition at line 977 of file g_syscalls.c.


00977                                                                          {
00978         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_PUSH_GOAL, goalstate, goal );
00979 }

void trap_BotQueueConsoleMessage int  chatstate,
int  type,
char *  message

Definition at line 893 of file g_syscalls.c.


00893                                                                          {
00894         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_QUEUE_CONSOLE_MESSAGE, chatstate, type, message );
00895 }

int trap_BotReachabilityArea vec3_t  origin,
int  testground

Definition at line 1107 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_AI_REACHABILITY_AREA, and vec3_t.

01107                                                             {
01108         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_REACHABILITY_AREA, origin, testground );
01109 }

void trap_BotRemoveConsoleMessage int  chatstate,
int  handle

Definition at line 897 of file g_syscalls.c.


00897                                                              {
00898         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_REMOVE_CONSOLE_MESSAGE, chatstate, handle );
00899 }

void trap_BotRemoveFromAvoidGoals int  goalstate,
int  number

Definition at line 973 of file g_syscalls.c.


00973                                                              {
00974         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_REMOVE_FROM_AVOID_GOALS, goalstate, number);
00975 }

void trap_BotReplaceSynonyms char *  string,
unsigned long int  context

Definition at line 949 of file g_syscalls.c.


00949                                                                       {
00950         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_REPLACE_SYNONYMS, string, context );
00951 }

int trap_BotReplyChat int  chatstate,
char *  message,
int  mcontext,
int  vcontext,
char *  var0,
char *  var1,
char *  var2,
char *  var3,
char *  var4,
char *  var5,
char *  var6,
char *  var7

Definition at line 917 of file g_syscalls.c.


00917                                                                                                                                                                                  {
00918         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_REPLY_CHAT, chatstate, message, mcontext, vcontext, var0, var1, var2, var3, var4, var5, var6, var7 );
00919 }

void trap_BotResetAvoidGoals int  goalstate  ) 

Definition at line 969 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by BotResetState().

00969                                             {
00970         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_RESET_AVOID_GOALS, goalstate );
00971 }

void trap_BotResetAvoidReach int  movestate  ) 

Definition at line 1099 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by BotResetState().

01099                                             {
01100         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_RESET_AVOID_REACH, movestate );
01101 }

void trap_BotResetGoalState int  goalstate  ) 

Definition at line 965 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by BotResetState().

00965                                            {
00966         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_RESET_GOAL_STATE, goalstate );
00967 }

void trap_BotResetLastAvoidReach int  movestate  ) 

Definition at line 1103 of file g_syscalls.c.


01103                                                 {
01104         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_RESET_LAST_AVOID_REACH,movestate  );
01105 }

void trap_BotResetMoveState int  movestate  ) 

Definition at line 1083 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by BotResetState().

01083                                            {
01084         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_RESET_MOVE_STATE, movestate );
01085 }

void trap_BotResetWeaponState int  weaponstate  ) 

Definition at line 1151 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by BotResetState().

01151                                                {
01152         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_RESET_WEAPON_STATE, weaponstate );
01153 }

void trap_BotSaveGoalFuzzyLogic int  goalstate,
char *  filename

Definition at line 1067 of file g_syscalls.c.


01067                                                                {
01068         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_SAVE_GOAL_FUZZY_LOGIC, goalstate, filename );
01069 }

void trap_BotSetAvoidGoalTime int  goalstate,
int  number,
float  avoidtime

Definition at line 1043 of file g_syscalls.c.


01043                                                                           {
01044         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_SET_AVOID_GOAL_TIME, goalstate, number, PASSFLOAT(avoidtime));
01045 }

void trap_BotSetChatGender int  chatstate,
int  gender

Definition at line 957 of file g_syscalls.c.


00957                                                       {
00958         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_SET_CHAT_GENDER, chatstate, gender );
00959 }

void trap_BotSetChatName int  chatstate,
char *  name,
int  client

Definition at line 961 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_AI_SET_CHAT_NAME, client, and name.

00961                                                                 {
00962         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_SET_CHAT_NAME, chatstate, name, client );
00963 }

int trap_BotTouchingGoal vec3_t  origin,
void *  goal

Definition at line 1017 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_AI_TOUCHING_GOAL, and vec3_t.

01017                                                                             {
01018         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_TOUCHING_GOAL, origin, goal );
01019 }

void trap_BotUpdateEntityItems void   ) 

Definition at line 1051 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by BotAIRegularUpdate().

01051                                      {
01052         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_UPDATE_ENTITY_ITEMS );
01053 }

void trap_BotUserCommand int  clientNum,
usercmd_t ucmd

Definition at line 651 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_USER_COMMAND, ucmd, and usercmd_t.

Referenced by BotAIStartFrame().

00651                                                          {
00652         syscall( BOTLIB_USER_COMMAND, clientNum, ucmd );
00653 }

float trap_Characteristic_BFloat int  character,
int  index,
float  min,
float  max

Definition at line 867 of file g_syscalls.c.


00867                                                                                  {
00868         int temp;
00869         temp = syscall( BOTLIB_AI_CHARACTERISTIC_BFLOAT, character, index, PASSFLOAT(min), PASSFLOAT(max) );
00870         return (*(float*)&temp);
00871 }

int trap_Characteristic_BInteger int  character,
int  index,
int  min,
int  max

Definition at line 877 of file g_syscalls.c.


00877                                                                              {
00878         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_CHARACTERISTIC_BINTEGER, character, index, min, max );
00879 }

float trap_Characteristic_Float int  character,
int  index

Definition at line 861 of file g_syscalls.c.


00861                                                           {
00862         int temp;
00863         temp = syscall( BOTLIB_AI_CHARACTERISTIC_FLOAT, character, index );
00864         return (*(float*)&temp);
00865 }

int trap_Characteristic_Integer int  character,
int  index

Definition at line 873 of file g_syscalls.c.


00873                                                           {
00874         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_CHARACTERISTIC_INTEGER, character, index );
00875 }

void trap_Characteristic_String int  character,
int  index,
char *  buf,
int  size

Definition at line 881 of file g_syscalls.c.


00881                                                                                {
00882         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_CHARACTERISTIC_STRING, character, index, buf, size );
00883 }

int trap_CM_RegisterTerrain const char *  config  ) 

Definition at line 1473 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by SP_terrain().

01474 { //rwwRMG - added [NEWTRAP]
01475         return syscall(G_CM_REGISTER_TERRAIN, config);
01476 }

void trap_Cvar_Register vmCvar_t cvar,
const char *  var_name,
const char *  value,
int  flags

Definition at line 57 of file g_syscalls.c.


00057                                                                                                  {
00058         syscall( G_CVAR_REGISTER, cvar, var_name, value, flags );
00059 }

void trap_Cvar_Set const char *  var_name,
const char *  value

Definition at line 65 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_CVAR_SET.

00065                                                               {
00066         syscall( G_CVAR_SET, var_name, value );
00067 }

void trap_Cvar_Update vmCvar_t cvar  ) 

Definition at line 61 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_CVAR_UPDATE.

00061                                            {
00062         syscall( G_CVAR_UPDATE, cvar );
00063 }

int trap_Cvar_VariableIntegerValue const char *  var_name  ) 

Definition at line 69 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by BotDoChat(), CheckVote(), Cmd_CallVote_f(), G_InitGame(), G_ItemDisabled(), G_ShutdownGame(), and Svcmd_AddBot_f().

00069                                                            {
00070         return syscall( G_CVAR_VARIABLE_INTEGER_VALUE, var_name );
00071 }

void trap_Cvar_VariableStringBuffer const char *  var_name,
char *  buffer,
int  bufsize

Definition at line 73 of file g_syscalls.c.


00073                                                                                        {
00074         syscall( G_CVAR_VARIABLE_STRING_BUFFER, var_name, buffer, bufsize );
00075 }

int trap_DebugPolygonCreate int  color,
int  numPoints,
vec3_t points

Definition at line 223 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_DEBUG_POLYGON_CREATE, and vec3_t.

Referenced by DebugLine().

00223                                                                       {
00224         return syscall( G_DEBUG_POLYGON_CREATE, color, numPoints, points );
00225 }

void trap_DebugPolygonDelete int  id  ) 

Definition at line 227 of file g_syscalls.c.


00227                                      {
00228         syscall( G_DEBUG_POLYGON_DELETE, id );
00229 }

void trap_DropClient int  clientNum,
const char *  reason

Definition at line 110 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_DROP_CLIENT.

Referenced by ClientInactivityTimer(), and G_BotConnect().

00110                                                           {
00111         syscall( G_DROP_CLIENT, clientNum, reason );
00112 }

void trap_EA_Action int  client,
int  action

Definition at line 761 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_ACTION, and client.

00761                                             {
00762         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_ACTION, client, action );
00763 }

void trap_EA_Alt_Attack int  client  ) 

Definition at line 777 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_ALT_ATTACK, and client.

Referenced by StandardBotAI().

00777                                     {
00778         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_ALT_ATTACK, client );
00779 }

void trap_EA_Attack int  client  ) 

Definition at line 773 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_ATTACK, and client.

Referenced by StandardBotAI().

00773                                 {
00774         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_ATTACK, client );
00775 }

void trap_EA_Command int  client,
char *  command

Definition at line 757 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_COMMAND, and client.

00757                                                 {
00758         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_COMMAND, client, command );
00759 }

void trap_EA_Crouch int  client  ) 

Definition at line 793 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_CROUCH, and client.

Referenced by StandardBotAI().

00793                                 {
00794         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_CROUCH, client );
00795 }

void trap_EA_DelayedJump int  client  ) 

Definition at line 829 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_DELAYED_JUMP, and client.

00829                                      {
00830         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_DELAYED_JUMP, client );
00831 }

void trap_EA_EndRegular int  client,
float  thinktime

Definition at line 841 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_END_REGULAR, client, and PASSFLOAT().

00841                                                      {
00842         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_END_REGULAR, client, PASSFLOAT(thinktime) );
00843 }

void trap_EA_ForcePower int  client  ) 

Definition at line 781 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_FORCEPOWER, and client.

Referenced by StandardBotAI().

00781                                     {
00782         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_FORCEPOWER, client );
00783 }

void trap_EA_Gesture int  client  ) 

Definition at line 765 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_GESTURE, and client.

00765                                  {
00766         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_GESTURE, client );
00767 }

void trap_EA_GetInput int  client,
float  thinktime,
void *  input

Definition at line 845 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_GET_INPUT, client, and PASSFLOAT().

Referenced by BotUpdateInput().

00845                                                                                          {
00846         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_GET_INPUT, client, PASSFLOAT(thinktime), input );
00847 }

void trap_EA_Jump int  client  ) 

Definition at line 825 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_JUMP, and client.

Referenced by StandardBotAI().

00825                               {
00826         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_JUMP, client );
00827 }

void trap_EA_Move int  client,
vec3_t  dir,
float  speed

Definition at line 833 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_MOVE, client, PASSFLOAT(), and vec3_t.

Referenced by StandardBotAI().

00833                                                        {
00834         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_MOVE, client, dir, PASSFLOAT(speed) );
00835 }

void trap_EA_MoveBack int  client  ) 

Definition at line 809 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_MOVE_BACK, and client.

Referenced by StandardBotAI().

00809                                   {
00810         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_MOVE_BACK, client );
00811 }

void trap_EA_MoveDown int  client  ) 

Definition at line 801 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_MOVE_DOWN, and client.

00801                                   {
00802         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_MOVE_DOWN, client );
00803 }

void trap_EA_MoveForward int  client  ) 

Definition at line 805 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_MOVE_FORWARD, and client.

Referenced by StandardBotAI().

00805                                      {
00806         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_MOVE_FORWARD, client );
00807 }

void trap_EA_MoveLeft int  client  ) 

Definition at line 813 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_MOVE_LEFT, and client.

Referenced by StandardBotAI().

00813                                   {
00814         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_MOVE_LEFT, client );
00815 }

void trap_EA_MoveRight int  client  ) 

Definition at line 817 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_MOVE_RIGHT, and client.

Referenced by StandardBotAI().

00817                                    {
00818         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_MOVE_RIGHT, client );
00819 }

void trap_EA_MoveUp int  client  ) 

Definition at line 797 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_MOVE_UP, and client.

00797                                 {
00798         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_MOVE_UP, client );
00799 }

void trap_EA_ResetInput int  client  ) 

Definition at line 849 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_RESET_INPUT, and client.

Referenced by BotAI().

00849                                     {
00850         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_RESET_INPUT, client );
00851 }

void trap_EA_Respawn int  client  ) 

Definition at line 789 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_RESPAWN, and client.

00789                                  {
00790         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_RESPAWN, client );
00791 }

void trap_EA_Say int  client,
char *  str

Definition at line 749 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_SAY, and client.

Referenced by StandardBotAI().

00749                                         {
00750         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_SAY, client, str );
00751 }

void trap_EA_SayTeam int  client,
char *  str

Definition at line 753 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_SAY_TEAM, and client.

Referenced by BotReportStatus(), and StandardBotAI().

00753                                             {
00754         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_SAY_TEAM, client, str );
00755 }

void trap_EA_SelectWeapon int  client,
int  weapon

Definition at line 821 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_SELECT_WEAPON, and client.

Referenced by BotSelectWeapon().

00821                                                   {
00822         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_SELECT_WEAPON, client, weapon );
00823 }

void trap_EA_Talk int  client  ) 

Definition at line 769 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_TALK, and client.

00769                               {
00770         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_TALK, client );
00771 }

void trap_EA_Use int  client  ) 

Definition at line 785 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_USE, and client.

Referenced by StandardBotAI().

00785                              {
00786         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_USE, client );
00787 }

void trap_EA_View int  client,
vec3_t  viewangles

Definition at line 837 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_EA_VIEW, client, and vec3_t.

Referenced by BotChangeViewAngles().

00837                                                  {
00838         syscall( BOTLIB_EA_VIEW, client, viewangles );
00839 }

int trap_EntitiesInBox const vec3_t  mins,
const vec3_t  maxs,
int *  list,
int  maxcount

Definition at line 186 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_ENTITIES_IN_BOX, and vec3_t.

Referenced by AI_DistributeAttack(), AI_GetGroupSize(), DEMP2_AltRadiusDamage(), ForceShootDrain(), ForceShootLightning(), ForceTelepathy(), ForceThrow(), G_AlertTeam(), G_KillBox(), G_MoverPush(), G_MoverTouchPushTriggers(), G_RadiusDamage(), G_RadiusList(), G_TouchTriggers(), Jedi_FindEnemyInCone(), multi_trigger(), NPC_FindNearestEnemy(), NPC_GetEntsNearBolt(), NPC_SpotWouldTelefrag(), pas_think(), Seeker_FindEnemy(), shipboundary_think(), SpotWouldTelefrag(), SpotWouldTelefrag2(), WP_SaberRadiusDamage(), and WP_SaberStartMissileBlockCheck().

00186                                                                                         {
00187         return syscall( G_ENTITIES_IN_BOX, mins, maxs, list, maxcount );
00188 }

qboolean trap_EntityContact const vec3_t  mins,
const vec3_t  maxs,
const gentity_t ent

Definition at line 190 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_ENTITY_CONTACT, gentity_t, qboolean, and vec3_t.

Referenced by G_MoverTouchPushTriggers(), and G_TouchTriggers().

00190                                                                                           {
00191         return syscall( G_ENTITY_CONTACT, mins, maxs, ent );
00192 }

qboolean trap_EntityContactCapsule const vec3_t  mins,
const vec3_t  maxs,
const gentity_t ent

Definition at line 243 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_ENTITY_CONTACTCAPSULE, gentity_t, qboolean, and vec3_t.

00243                                                                                                  {
00244         return syscall( G_ENTITY_CONTACTCAPSULE, mins, maxs, ent );
00245 }

void trap_Error const char *  fmt  ) 

Definition at line 31 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_ERROR.

00031                                       {
00032         syscall( G_ERROR, fmt );
00033 }

void trap_FS_FCloseFile fileHandle_t  f  ) 

Definition at line 97 of file g_syscalls.c.

References fileHandle_t, and G_FS_FCLOSE_FILE.

00097                                              {
00098         syscall( G_FS_FCLOSE_FILE, f );
00099 }

int trap_FS_FOpenFile const char *  qpath,
fileHandle_t f,
fsMode_t  mode

Definition at line 85 of file g_syscalls.c.

References fileHandle_t, and G_FS_FOPEN_FILE.

00085                                                                                        {
00086         return syscall( G_FS_FOPEN_FILE, qpath, f, mode );
00087 }

int trap_FS_GetFileList const char *  path,
const char *  extension,
char *  listbuf,
int  bufsize

Definition at line 219 of file g_syscalls.c.


00219                                                                                                 {
00220         return syscall( G_FS_GETFILELIST, path, extension, listbuf, bufsize );
00221 }

void trap_FS_Read void *  buffer,
int  len,
fileHandle_t  f

Definition at line 89 of file g_syscalls.c.

References fileHandle_t, and G_FS_READ.

00089                                                               {
00090         syscall( G_FS_READ, buffer, len, f );
00091 }

void trap_FS_Write const void *  buffer,
int  len,
fileHandle_t  f

Definition at line 93 of file g_syscalls.c.

References fileHandle_t, and G_FS_WRITE.

00093                                                                      {
00094         syscall( G_FS_WRITE, buffer, len, f );
00095 }

qboolean trap_G2_HaveWeGhoul2Models void *  ghoul2  ) 

Definition at line 1195 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_HAVEWEGHOULMODELS, and qboolean.

01196 {
01197         return (qboolean)(syscall(G_G2_HAVEWEGHOULMODELS, ghoul2));
01198 }

void trap_G2_ListModelBones void *  ghlInfo,
int  frame

Definition at line 1185 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_LISTBONES.

01186 {
01187         syscall( G_G2_LISTBONES, ghlInfo, frame);
01188 }

void trap_G2_ListModelSurfaces void *  ghlInfo  ) 

Definition at line 1190 of file g_syscalls.c.


01191 {
01192         syscall( G_G2_LISTSURFACES, ghlInfo);
01193 }

void trap_G2_SetGhoul2ModelIndexes void *  ghoul2,
qhandle_t modelList,
qhandle_t skinList

Definition at line 1200 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_SETMODELS, and qhandle_t.

01201 {
01202         syscall( G_G2_SETMODELS, ghoul2, modelList, skinList);
01203 }

void trap_G2API_AbsurdSmoothing void *  ghoul2,
qboolean  status

Definition at line 1376 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by CG_Player().

01377 {
01378         syscall(G_G2_ABSURDSMOOTHING, ghoul2, status);
01379 }

int trap_G2API_AddBolt void *  ghoul2,
int  modelIndex,
const char *  boneName

Definition at line 1239 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_ADDBOLT.

01240 {
01241         return syscall(G_G2_ADDBOLT, ghoul2, modelIndex, boneName);
01242 }

void trap_G2API_AnimateG2Models void *  ghoul2,
int  time,
sharedRagDollUpdateParams_t params

Definition at line 1387 of file g_syscalls.c.


01388 {
01389         syscall(G_G2_ANIMATEG2MODELS, ghoul2, time, params);
01390 }

void trap_G2API_AttachInstanceToEntNum void *  ghoul2,
int  entityNum,
qboolean  server

Definition at line 1444 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by CG_LoadClientInfo(), CG_NewClientInfo(), CG_Player(), CG_ResetPlayerEntity(), and SetupGameGhoul2Model().

01445 {
01446         syscall(G_G2_ATTACHINSTANCETOENTNUM, ghoul2, entityNum, server);
01447 }

void trap_G2API_CleanEntAttachments void   ) 

Definition at line 1454 of file g_syscalls.c.


01455 {
01456         syscall(G_G2_CLEANENTATTACHMENTS);
01457 }

void trap_G2API_CleanGhoul2Models void **  ghoul2Ptr  ) 

Definition at line 1303 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_CLEANMODELS.

01304 {
01305         syscall(G_G2_CLEANMODELS, ghoul2Ptr);
01306 }

void trap_G2API_ClearAttachedInstance int  entityNum  ) 

Definition at line 1449 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by CG_LoadClientInfo(), CG_NewClientInfo(), and CG_Player().

01450 {
01451         syscall(G_G2_CLEARATTACHEDINSTANCE, entityNum);
01452 }

void trap_G2API_CollisionDetect CollisionRecord_t collRecMap,
void *  ghoul2,
const vec3_t  angles,
const vec3_t  position,
int  frameNumber,
int  entNum,
vec3_t  rayStart,
vec3_t  rayEnd,
vec3_t  scale,
int  traceFlags,
int  useLod,
float  fRadius

Definition at line 1308 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_COLLISIONDETECT, PASSFLOAT(), and vec3_t.

01322 {
01323         syscall ( G_G2_COLLISIONDETECT, collRecMap, ghoul2, angles, position, frameNumber, entNum, rayStart, rayEnd, scale, traceFlags, useLod, PASSFLOAT(fRadius) );
01324 }

void trap_G2API_CollisionDetectCache CollisionRecord_t collRecMap,
void *  ghoul2,
const vec3_t  angles,
const vec3_t  position,
int  frameNumber,
int  entNum,
vec3_t  rayStart,
vec3_t  rayEnd,
vec3_t  scale,
int  traceFlags,
int  useLod,
float  fRadius

Definition at line 1326 of file g_syscalls.c.


01340 {
01341         syscall ( G_G2_COLLISIONDETECTCACHE, collRecMap, ghoul2, angles, position, frameNumber, entNum, rayStart, rayEnd, scale, traceFlags, useLod, PASSFLOAT(fRadius) );
01342 }

int trap_G2API_CopyGhoul2Instance void *  g2From,
void *  g2To,
int  modelIndex

Definition at line 1273 of file g_syscalls.c.


01274 {
01275         return syscall(G_G2_COPYGHOUL2INSTANCE, g2From, g2To, modelIndex);
01276 }

void trap_G2API_CopySpecificGhoul2Model void *  g2From,
int  modelFrom,
void *  g2To,
int  modelTo

Definition at line 1278 of file g_syscalls.c.


01279 {
01280         syscall(G_G2_COPYSPECIFICGHOUL2MODEL, g2From, modelFrom, g2To, modelTo);
01281 }

qboolean trap_G2API_DoesBoneExist void *  ghoul2,
int  modelIndex,
const char *  boneName

Definition at line 1365 of file g_syscalls.c.

References CG_G2_DOESBONEEXIST, G_G2_DOESBONEEXIST, and qboolean.

01366 {
01367         return syscall(G_G2_DOESBONEEXIST, ghoul2, modelIndex, boneName);
01368 }

void trap_G2API_DuplicateGhoul2Instance void *  g2From,
void **  g2To

Definition at line 1283 of file g_syscalls.c.


01284 {
01285         syscall(G_G2_DUPLICATEGHOUL2INSTANCE, g2From, g2To);
01286 }

qboolean trap_G2API_GetBoltMatrix void *  ghoul2,
const int  modelIndex,
const int  boltIndex,
mdxaBone_t matrix,
const vec3_t  angles,
const vec3_t  position,
const int  frameNum,
qhandle_t modelList,
vec3_t  scale

Definition at line 1205 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_GETBOLT, qboolean, qhandle_t, and vec3_t.

01207 {
01208         return (qboolean)(syscall(G_G2_GETBOLT, ghoul2, modelIndex, boltIndex, matrix, angles, position, frameNum, modelList, scale));
01209 }

qboolean trap_G2API_GetBoltMatrix_NoRecNoRot void *  ghoul2,
const int  modelIndex,
const int  boltIndex,
mdxaBone_t matrix,
const vec3_t  angles,
const vec3_t  position,
const int  frameNum,
qhandle_t modelList,
vec3_t  scale

Definition at line 1217 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_GETBOLT_NOREC_NOROT, qboolean, qhandle_t, and vec3_t.

01219 { //Same as above but force it to not reconstruct the skeleton before getting the bolt position
01220         return (qboolean)(syscall(G_G2_GETBOLT_NOREC_NOROT, ghoul2, modelIndex, boltIndex, matrix, angles, position, frameNum, modelList, scale));
01221 }

qboolean trap_G2API_GetBoltMatrix_NoReconstruct void *  ghoul2,
const int  modelIndex,
const int  boltIndex,
mdxaBone_t matrix,
const vec3_t  angles,
const vec3_t  position,
const int  frameNum,
qhandle_t modelList,
vec3_t  scale

Definition at line 1211 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_GETBOLT_NOREC, qboolean, qhandle_t, and vec3_t.

01213 { //Same as above but force it to not reconstruct the skeleton before getting the bolt position
01214         return (qboolean)(syscall(G_G2_GETBOLT_NOREC, ghoul2, modelIndex, boltIndex, matrix, angles, position, frameNum, modelList, scale));
01215 }

qboolean trap_G2API_GetBoneAnim void *  ghoul2,
const char *  boneName,
const int  currentTime,
float *  currentFrame,
int *  startFrame,
int *  endFrame,
int *  flags,
float *  animSpeed,
int *  modelList,
const int  modelIndex

Definition at line 1262 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_GETBONEANIM, and qboolean.

01264 {
01265         return syscall(G_G2_GETBONEANIM, ghoul2, boneName, currentTime, currentFrame, startFrame, endFrame, flags, animSpeed, modelList, modelIndex);
01266 }

void trap_G2API_GetGLAName void *  ghoul2,
int  modelIndex,
char *  fillBuf

Definition at line 1268 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_GETGLANAME.

01269 {
01270         syscall(G_G2_GETGLANAME, ghoul2, modelIndex, fillBuf);
01271 }

qboolean trap_G2API_GetRagBonePos void *  ghoul2,
const char *  boneName,
vec3_t  pos,
vec3_t  entAngles,
vec3_t  entPos,
vec3_t  entScale

Definition at line 1409 of file g_syscalls.c.

References CG_G2_GETRAGBONEPOS, G_G2_GETRAGBONEPOS, qboolean, and vec3_t.

01410 {
01411         return syscall(G_G2_GETRAGBONEPOS, ghoul2, boneName, pos, entAngles, entPos, entScale);
01412 }

void trap_G2API_GetSurfaceName void *  ghoul2,
int  surfNumber,
int  modelIndex,
char *  fillBuf

Definition at line 1344 of file g_syscalls.c.


01345 {
01346         syscall(G_G2_GETSURFACENAME, ghoul2, surfNumber, modelIndex, fillBuf);
01347 }

int trap_G2API_GetSurfaceRenderStatus void *  ghoul2,
const int  modelIndex,
const char *  surfaceName

Definition at line 1370 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by ATST_Attack(), BG_GetRootSurfNameWithVariant(), Droid_Spin(), G_Dismember(), GM_Dying(), Mark1_AttackDecision(), Mark1_dying(), NPC_Droid_Pain(), NPC_Mark1_Pain(), and player_die().

01371 {
01372         return syscall(G_G2_GETSURFACERENDERSTATUS, ghoul2, modelIndex, surfaceName);
01373 }

int trap_G2API_Ghoul2Size void *  ghlInfo  ) 

Definition at line 1234 of file g_syscalls.c.

References CG_G2_SIZE, and G_G2_SIZE.

01235 {
01236         return syscall(G_G2_SIZE, ghlInfo );
01237 }

qboolean trap_G2API_HasGhoul2ModelOnIndex void *  ghlInfo,
int  modelIndex

Definition at line 1288 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_HASGHOUL2MODELONINDEX, and qboolean.

01289 {
01290         return syscall(G_G2_HASGHOUL2MODELONINDEX, ghlInfo, modelIndex);
01291 }

qboolean trap_G2API_IKMove void *  ghoul2,
int  time,
sharedIKMoveParams_t params

Definition at line 1429 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_IKMOVE, and qboolean.

01430 {
01431         return syscall(G_G2_IKMOVE, ghoul2, time, params);
01432 }

int trap_G2API_InitGhoul2Model void **  ghoul2Ptr,
const char *  fileName,
int  modelIndex,
qhandle_t  customSkin,
qhandle_t  customShader,
int  modelFlags,
int  lodBias

Definition at line 1223 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_INITGHOUL2MODEL, and qhandle_t.

01225 {
01226         return syscall(G_G2_INITGHOUL2MODEL, ghoul2Ptr, fileName, modelIndex, customSkin, customShader, modelFlags, lodBias);
01227 }

qboolean trap_G2API_OverrideServer void *  serverInstance  ) 

Definition at line 1459 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by WP_SaberPositionUpdate().

01460 {
01461         return syscall(G_G2_OVERRIDESERVER, serverInstance);
01462 }

qboolean trap_G2API_RagEffectorGoal void *  ghoul2,
const char *  boneName,
vec3_t  pos

Definition at line 1404 of file g_syscalls.c.

References CG_G2_RAGEFFECTORGOAL, G_G2_RAGEFFECTORGOAL, qboolean, and vec3_t.

Referenced by CG_RagDoll().

01405 {
01406         return syscall(G_G2_RAGEFFECTORGOAL, ghoul2, boneName, pos);
01407 }

qboolean trap_G2API_RagEffectorKick void *  ghoul2,
const char *  boneName,
vec3_t  velocity

Definition at line 1414 of file g_syscalls.c.

References CG_G2_RAGEFFECTORKICK, G_G2_RAGEFFECTORKICK, qboolean, and vec3_t.

Referenced by CG_RagDoll().

01415 {
01416         return syscall(G_G2_RAGEFFECTORKICK, ghoul2, boneName, velocity);
01417 }

qboolean trap_G2API_RagForceSolve void *  ghoul2,
qboolean  force

Definition at line 1419 of file g_syscalls.c.

References CG_G2_RAGFORCESOLVE, G_G2_RAGFORCESOLVE, and qboolean.

Referenced by CG_RagDoll().

01420 {
01421         return syscall(G_G2_RAGFORCESOLVE, ghoul2, force);
01422 }

qboolean trap_G2API_RagPCJConstraint void *  ghoul2,
const char *  boneName,
vec3_t  min,
vec3_t  max

Definition at line 1394 of file g_syscalls.c.

References CG_G2_RAGPCJCONSTRAINT, G_G2_RAGPCJCONSTRAINT, min, qboolean, and vec3_t.

Referenced by CG_RagDoll().

01395 {
01396         return syscall(G_G2_RAGPCJCONSTRAINT, ghoul2, boneName, min, max);
01397 }

qboolean trap_G2API_RagPCJGradientSpeed void *  ghoul2,
const char *  boneName,
const float  speed

Definition at line 1399 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by CG_RagDoll().

01400 {
01401         return syscall(G_G2_RAGPCJGRADIENTSPEED, ghoul2, boneName, PASSFLOAT(speed));
01402 }

qboolean trap_G2API_RemoveBone void *  ghoul2,
const char *  boneName,
int  modelIndex

Definition at line 1434 of file g_syscalls.c.

References CG_G2_REMOVEBONE, G_G2_REMOVEBONE, and qboolean.

Referenced by G_UpdateClientAnims().

01435 {
01436         return syscall(G_G2_REMOVEBONE, ghoul2, boneName, modelIndex);
01437 }

qboolean trap_G2API_RemoveGhoul2Model void *  ghlInfo,
int  modelIndex

Definition at line 1293 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_REMOVEGHOUL2MODEL, and qboolean.

01294 {
01295         return syscall(G_G2_REMOVEGHOUL2MODEL, ghlInfo, modelIndex);
01296 }

qboolean trap_G2API_RemoveGhoul2Models void *  ghlInfo  ) 

Definition at line 1298 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_REMOVEGHOUL2MODELS, and qboolean.

Referenced by WP_SaberRemoveG2Model().

01299 {
01300         return syscall(G_G2_REMOVEGHOUL2MODELS, ghlInfo);
01301 }

void trap_G2API_SetBoltInfo void *  ghoul2,
int  modelIndex,
int  boltInfo

Definition at line 1244 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_SETBOLTINFO.

01245 {
01246         syscall(G_G2_SETBOLTINFO, ghoul2, modelIndex, boltInfo);
01247 }

qboolean trap_G2API_SetBoneAngles void *  ghoul2,
int  modelIndex,
const char *  boneName,
const vec3_t  angles,
const int  flags,
const int  up,
const int  right,
const int  forward,
qhandle_t modelList,
int  blendTime,
int  currentTime

Definition at line 1249 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_ANGLEOVERRIDE, qboolean, qhandle_t, and vec3_t.

01252 {
01253         return (syscall(G_G2_ANGLEOVERRIDE, ghoul2, modelIndex, boneName, angles, flags, up, right, forward, modelList, blendTime, currentTime));
01254 }

qboolean trap_G2API_SetBoneAnim void *  ghoul2,
const int  modelIndex,
const char *  boneName,
const int  startFrame,
const int  endFrame,
const int  flags,
const float  animSpeed,
const int  currentTime,
const float  setFrame,
const int  blendTime

Definition at line 1256 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_PLAYANIM, PASSFLOAT(), and qboolean.

01258 {
01259         return syscall(G_G2_PLAYANIM, ghoul2, modelIndex, boneName, startFrame, endFrame, flags, PASSFLOAT(animSpeed), currentTime, PASSFLOAT(setFrame), blendTime);
01260 }

qboolean trap_G2API_SetBoneIKState void *  ghoul2,
int  time,
const char *  boneName,
int  ikState,
sharedSetBoneIKStateParams_t params

Definition at line 1424 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_SETBONEIKSTATE, and qboolean.

01425 {
01426         return syscall(G_G2_SETBONEIKSTATE, ghoul2, time, boneName, ikState, params);
01427 }

qboolean trap_G2API_SetNewOrigin void *  ghoul2,
const int  boltIndex

Definition at line 1359 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_SETNEWORIGIN, and qboolean.

01360 {
01361         return syscall(G_G2_SETNEWORIGIN, ghoul2, boltIndex);
01362 }

void trap_G2API_SetRagDoll void *  ghoul2,
sharedRagDollParams_t params

Definition at line 1382 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_SETRAGDOLL.

01383 {
01384         syscall(G_G2_SETRAGDOLL, ghoul2, params);
01385 }

qboolean trap_G2API_SetRootSurface void *  ghoul2,
const int  modelIndex,
const char *  surfaceName

Definition at line 1349 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_SETROOTSURFACE, and qboolean.

01350 {
01351         return syscall(G_G2_SETROOTSURFACE, ghoul2, modelIndex, surfaceName);
01352 }

qboolean trap_G2API_SetSkin void *  ghoul2,
int  modelIndex,
qhandle_t  customSkin,
qhandle_t  renderSkin

Definition at line 1229 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_SETSKIN, qboolean, and qhandle_t.

01230 {
01231         return syscall(G_G2_SETSKIN, ghoul2, modelIndex, customSkin, renderSkin);
01232 }

qboolean trap_G2API_SetSurfaceOnOff void *  ghoul2,
const char *  surfaceName,
const int  flags

Definition at line 1354 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2_SETSURFACEONOFF, and qboolean.

01355 {
01356         return syscall(G_G2_SETSURFACEONOFF, ghoul2, surfaceName, flags);
01357 }

void trap_G2Trace trace_t results,
const vec3_t  start,
const vec3_t  mins,
const vec3_t  maxs,
const vec3_t  end,
int  passEntityNum,
int  contentmask,
int  g2TraceType,
int  traceLod

Definition at line 153 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_G2TRACE, and vec3_t.

Referenced by G_RunMissile(), and WP_DisruptorAltFire().

00153                                                                                                                                                                                      {
00154         syscall( G_G2TRACE, results, start, mins, maxs, end, passEntityNum, contentmask, g2TraceType, traceLod );
00155 }

int trap_GeneticParentsAndChildSelection int  numranks,
float *  ranks,
int *  parent1,
int *  parent2,
int *  child

Definition at line 1155 of file g_syscalls.c.


01155                                                                                                              {
01156         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_GENETIC_PARENTS_AND_CHILD_SELECTION, numranks, ranks, parent1, parent2, child );
01157 }

void trap_GetConfigstring int  num,
char *  buffer,
int  bufferSize

Definition at line 122 of file g_syscalls.c.


00122                                                                    {
00123         syscall( G_GET_CONFIGSTRING, num, buffer, bufferSize );
00124 }

qboolean trap_GetEntityToken char *  buffer,
int  bufferSize

Definition at line 206 of file g_syscalls.c.

References CG_GET_ENTITY_TOKEN, G_GET_ENTITY_TOKEN, and qboolean.

Referenced by CG_ParseSpawnVars(), CG_SpawnCGameOnlyEnts(), and G_ParseSpawnVars().

00206                                                              {
00207         return syscall( G_GET_ENTITY_TOKEN, buffer, bufferSize );
00208 }

void trap_GetServerinfo char *  buffer,
int  bufferSize

Definition at line 134 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by G_InitGame(), and G_LogWeaponOutput().

00134                                                         {
00135         syscall( G_GET_SERVERINFO, buffer, bufferSize );
00136 }

void trap_GetUsercmd int  clientNum,
usercmd_t cmd

Definition at line 202 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_GET_USERCMD, and usercmd_t.

Referenced by ClientSpawn(), and ClientThink().

00202                                                       {
00203         syscall( G_GET_USERCMD, clientNum, cmd );
00204 }

void trap_GetUserinfo int  num,
char *  buffer,
int  bufferSize

Definition at line 126 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_GET_USERINFO.

Referenced by ClientBegin(), ClientConnect(), ClientSpawn(), ClientUserinfoChanged(), Cmd_TeamTask_f(), G_BotConnect(), SetTeamQuick(), and WP_InitForcePowers().

00126                                                                {
00127         syscall( G_GET_USERINFO, num, buffer, bufferSize );
00128 }

void trap_ICARUS_AssociateEnt gentity_t ent  ) 

Definition at line 344 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_ICARUS_ASSOCIATEENT, and gentity_t.

00345 {
00346         syscall(G_ICARUS_ASSOCIATEENT, ent);
00347 }

void trap_ICARUS_FreeEnt gentity_t ent  ) 

Definition at line 339 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_ICARUS_FREEENT, and gentity_t.

Referenced by ClientSpawn(), G_FreeEntity(), and G_InitGentity().

00340 {
00341         syscall(G_ICARUS_FREEENT, ent);
00342 }

int trap_ICARUS_GetFloatVariable const char *  name,
float *  value

Definition at line 374 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by Q3_GetFloat().

00375 {
00376         return syscall(G_ICARUS_GETFLOATVARIABLE, name, value);
00377 }

int trap_ICARUS_GetStringVariable const char *  name,
const char *  value

Definition at line 379 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by Q3_GetString().

00380 {
00381         return syscall(G_ICARUS_GETSTRINGVARIABLE, name, value);
00382 }

int trap_ICARUS_GetVectorVariable const char *  name,
const vec3_t  value

Definition at line 384 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_ICARUS_GETVECTORVARIABLE, name, and vec3_t.

Referenced by Q3_GetVector().

00385 {
00386         return syscall(G_ICARUS_GETVECTORVARIABLE, name, value);
00387 }

void trap_ICARUS_Init void   ) 

Definition at line 304 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_ICARUS_INIT.

Referenced by G_InitGame().

00305 {
00306         syscall(G_ICARUS_INIT);
00307 }

void trap_ICARUS_InitEnt gentity_t ent  ) 

Definition at line 334 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_ICARUS_INITENT, and gentity_t.

Referenced by ClientSpawn(), G_SpawnEntitiesFromString(), G_SpawnGEntityFromSpawnVars(), NPC_Begin(), and scriptrunner_run().

00335 {
00336         syscall(G_ICARUS_INITENT, ent);
00337 }

qboolean trap_ICARUS_IsInitialized int  entID  ) 

Definition at line 314 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_ICARUS_ISINITIALIZED, and qboolean.

Referenced by NPC_BSAdvanceFight(), and scriptrunner_run().

00315 {
00316         return syscall(G_ICARUS_ISINITIALIZED, entID);
00317 }

qboolean trap_ICARUS_IsRunning int  entID  ) 

Definition at line 324 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_ICARUS_ISRUNNING, and qboolean.

Referenced by NPC_RemoveBody().

00325 {
00326         return syscall(G_ICARUS_ISRUNNING, entID);
00327 }

qboolean trap_ICARUS_MaintainTaskManager int  entID  ) 

Definition at line 319 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_ICARUS_MAINTAINTASKMANAGER, and qboolean.

Referenced by G_RunFrame(), G_RunThink(), NPC_Begin(), NPC_RemoveBody(), and NPC_Think().

00320 {
00321         return syscall(G_ICARUS_MAINTAINTASKMANAGER, entID);
00322 }

qboolean trap_ICARUS_RegisterScript const char *  name,
qboolean  bCalledDuringInterrogate

Definition at line 299 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_ICARUS_REGISTERSCRIPT, name, and qboolean.

00300 {
00301         return syscall(G_ICARUS_REGISTERSCRIPT, name, bCalledDuringInterrogate);
00302 }

int trap_ICARUS_RunScript gentity_t ent,
const char *  name

Definition at line 294 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_ICARUS_RUNSCRIPT, gentity_t, and name.

Referenced by G_ActivateBehavior(), and scriptrunner_run().

00295 {
00296         return syscall(G_ICARUS_RUNSCRIPT, ent, name);
00297 }

void trap_ICARUS_SetVar int  taskID,
int  entID,
const char *  type_name,
const char *  data

Definition at line 364 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by Q3_Set().

00365 {
00366         syscall(G_ICARUS_SETVAR, taskID, entID, type_name, data);
00367 }

void trap_ICARUS_Shutdown void   ) 

Definition at line 349 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by G_ShutdownGame().

00350 {
00351         syscall(G_ICARUS_SHUTDOWN);
00352 }

void trap_ICARUS_TaskIDComplete gentity_t ent,
int  taskType

Definition at line 359 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_ICARUS_TASKIDCOMPLETE, and gentity_t.

Referenced by anglerCallback(), MoveOwner(), moverCallback(), NPC_BSAdvanceFight(), NPC_BSFace(), NPC_BSJump(), NPC_BSPointShoot(), NPC_ReachedGoal(), NPC_UpdateAngles(), and SolidifyOwner().

00360 {
00361         syscall(G_ICARUS_TASKIDCOMPLETE, ent, taskType);
00362 }

qboolean trap_ICARUS_TaskIDPending gentity_t ent,
int  taskID

Definition at line 329 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_ICARUS_TASKIDPENDING, gentity_t, and qboolean.

Referenced by G_AddVoiceEvent(), NPC_BSDefault(), NPC_CheckSurrender(), NPC_RunBehavior(), NPC_SetPainEvent(), NPC_StartFlee(), NPC_UpdateAngles(), ST_Commander(), and ST_TransferMoveGoal().

00330 {
00331         return syscall(G_ICARUS_TASKIDPENDING, ent, taskID);
00332 }

void trap_ICARUS_TaskIDSet gentity_t ent,
int  taskType,
int  taskID

Definition at line 354 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_ICARUS_TASKIDSET, and gentity_t.

Referenced by Q3_Lerp2Angles(), Q3_Lerp2End(), Q3_Lerp2Origin(), Q3_Lerp2Pos(), Q3_Lerp2Start(), Q3_Play(), Q3_PlaySound(), and Q3_Set().

00355 {
00356         syscall(G_ICARUS_TASKIDSET, ent, taskType, taskID);
00357 }

qboolean trap_ICARUS_ValidEnt gentity_t ent  ) 

Definition at line 309 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_ICARUS_VALIDENT, gentity_t, and qboolean.

Referenced by G_SpawnGEntityFromSpawnVars(), and scriptrunner_run().

00310 {
00311         return syscall(G_ICARUS_VALIDENT, ent);
00312 }

int trap_ICARUS_VariableDeclared const char *  type_name  ) 

Definition at line 369 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by Q3_GetFloat(), Q3_GetString(), and Q3_GetVector().

00370 {
00371         return syscall(G_ICARUS_VARIABLEDECLARED, type_name);
00372 }

qboolean trap_InPVS const vec3_t  p1,
const vec3_t  p2

Definition at line 162 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_IN_PVS, qboolean, and vec3_t.

Referenced by AI_ValidateGroupMember(), AI_ValidateNoEnemyGroupMember(), Boba_FireDecide(), BotPVSCheck(), ForceShootDrain(), ForceShootLightning(), ForceTeamForceReplenish(), ForceTeamHeal(), ForceThrow(), G_AlertTeam(), G_FindLocalInterestPoint(), G_PortalifyEntities(), G_SiegeClientExData(), GetNearestVisibleWPToItem(), Jedi_CheckAmbushPlayer(), Jedi_FindEnemyInCone(), NAV_ClearPathToPoint(), NAVNEW_ClearPathBetweenPoints(), NPC_BSGM_Attack(), NPC_BSRemove(), NPC_BSST_Attack(), NPC_CheckEnemy(), NPC_CheckInvestigate(), NPC_CheckSurrender(), NPC_CheckVisibility(), NPC_PickAlly(), NPC_PickEnemy(), NPC_SearchForWeapons(), NPC_ShowDebugInfo(), NPC_SomeoneLookingAtMe(), ST_Commander(), Team_FragBonuses(), Team_GetLocation(), turret_base_think(), turretG2_base_think(), and VEH_TurretThink().

00162                                                         {
00163         return syscall( G_IN_PVS, p1, p2 );
00164 }

qboolean trap_InPVSIgnorePortals const vec3_t  p1,
const vec3_t  p2

Definition at line 166 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_IN_PVS_IGNORE_PORTALS, qboolean, and vec3_t.

00166                                                                      {
00167         return syscall( G_IN_PVS_IGNORE_PORTALS, p1, p2 );
00168 }

void trap_LinkEntity gentity_t ent  ) 

Definition at line 178 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_LINKENTITY, and gentity_t.

Referenced by anglerCallback(), ClientSpawn(), ClientThink_real(), CreateShield(), drop_charge(), Eject(), EWeb_Create(), finish_spawning_turretG2(), FinishSpawningItem(), funcBBrushDieGo(), G_AttachToVehicle(), G_CheckInSolid(), G_Dismember(), G_ExplodeMissile(), G_HeldByMonster(), G_MissileImpact(), G_MoverPush(), G_MoverTeam(), G_RunExPhys(), G_RunItem(), G_RunMissile(), G_RunObject(), G_SoundTempEntity(), G_TempEntity(), G_TryPushingEntity(), G_VehicleAttachDroidUnit(), G_VehicleSpawn(), HolocronThink(), hurt_use(), InitMover(), InitShooter(), ItemUse_Sentry(), ItemUse_UseDisp(), JMSaberThink(), laserTrapThink(), LaunchItem(), maglock_link(), MakeDeadSaber(), misc_faller_create(), NPC_ApplyRoff(), NPC_Begin(), NPC_BSJedi_FollowLeader(), NPC_CheckInSolid(), NPC_ParseParms(), NPC_SetMoveGoal(), NPC_Spawn_Do(), NPC_SpawnType(), pitch_roll_for_slope(), PlaceShield(), player_die(), Q3_Lerp2Angles(), Q3_Lerp2End(), Q3_Lerp2Origin(), Q3_Lerp2Pos(), Q3_Lerp2Start(), Q3_Play(), respawn(), RespawnItem(), saberKnockDown(), saberReactivate(), SaberUpdateSelf(), SetMoverState(), ShieldGoNotSolid(), ShieldGoSolid(), shipboundary_touch(), SiegeItemThink(), SiegeItemUse(), SP_emplaced_gun(), SP_func_rotating(), SP_func_static(), SP_func_usable(), SP_func_wall(), SP_fx_runner(), SP_info_jedimaster_start(), SP_info_siege_objective(), SP_info_siege_radaricon(), SP_light(), SP_misc_ammo_floor_unit(), SP_misc_bsp(), SP_misc_G2model(), SP_misc_holocron(), SP_misc_model(), SP_misc_model_ammo_power_converter(), SP_misc_model_health_power_converter(), SP_misc_model_shield_power_converter(), SP_misc_portal_camera(), SP_misc_portal_surface(), SP_misc_shield_floor_unit(), SP_misc_siege_item(), SP_misc_turret(), SP_point_combat(), SP_target_speaker(), SP_terrain(), SP_trigger_asteroid_field(), SP_trigger_hurt(), SP_trigger_hyperspace(), SP_trigger_lightningstrike(), SP_trigger_multiple(), SP_trigger_once(), SP_trigger_push(), SP_trigger_shipboundary(), SP_trigger_space(), SP_trigger_teleport(), SP_waypoint(), SP_waypoint_small(), SpawnPlatTrigger(), target_laser_think(), TeleportPlayer(), thermalDetonatorExplode(), Think_SpawnNewDoorTrigger(), ThrowSaberToAttacker(), Touch_Item(), turret_base_spawn_top(), WP_PlaceLaserTrap(), and WP_SaberPositionUpdate().

00178                                        {
00179         syscall( G_LINKENTITY, ent );
00180 }

void trap_LocateGameData gentity_t gEnts,
int  numGEntities,
int  sizeofGEntity_t,
playerState_t clients,
int  sizeofGClient

Definition at line 105 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_LOCATE_GAME_DATA, gentity_t, and playerState_t.

Referenced by G_InitGame(), and G_Spawn().

00106                                                                                              {
00107         syscall( G_LOCATE_GAME_DATA, gEnts, numGEntities, sizeofGEntity_t, clients, sizeofGClient );
00108 }

int trap_Milliseconds void   ) 

Definition at line 35 of file g_syscalls.c.


00035                                           {
00036         return syscall( G_MILLISECONDS ); 
00037 }

void trap_Nav_AddFailedEdge int  entID,
int  startID,
int  endID

Definition at line 525 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by NAV_TestBestNode(), and NAVNEW_MoveToGoal().

00526 {
00527         syscall(G_NAV_ADDFAILEDEDGE, entID, startID, endID);
00528 }

void trap_Nav_AddFailedNode gentity_t ent,
int  nodeID

Definition at line 495 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_NAV_ADDFAILEDNODE, and gentity_t.

Referenced by NAVNEW_MoveToGoal().

00496 {
00497         syscall(G_NAV_ADDFAILEDNODE, ent, nodeID);
00498 }

int trap_Nav_AddRawPoint vec3_t  point,
int  flags,
int  radius

Definition at line 410 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_NAV_ADDRAWPOINT, and vec3_t.

Referenced by SP_waypoint(), and SP_waypoint_small().

00411 {
00412         return syscall(G_NAV_ADDRAWPOINT, point, flags, radius);
00413 }

void trap_Nav_CalculatePaths qboolean  recalc  ) 

Definition at line 415 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by NAV_CheckCalcPaths().

00416 {
00417         syscall(G_NAV_CALCULATEPATHS, recalc);
00418 }

void trap_Nav_CheckAllFailedEdges void   ) 

Definition at line 535 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by G_RunFrame().

00536 {
00537         syscall(G_NAV_CHECKALLFAILEDEDGES);
00538 }

void trap_Nav_CheckBlockedEdges void   ) 

Definition at line 565 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by NAV_CalculatePaths().

00566 {
00567         syscall(G_NAV_CHECKBLOCKEDEDGES);
00568 }

int trap_Nav_CheckedNode int  wayPoint,
int  ent

Definition at line 575 of file g_syscalls.c.


00576 {
00577         return syscall(G_NAV_CHECKEDNODE, wayPoint, ent);
00578 }

qboolean trap_Nav_CheckFailedEdge failedEdge_t failedEdge  ) 

Definition at line 530 of file g_syscalls.c.

References failedEdge_t, G_NAV_CHECKFAILEDEDGE, and qboolean.

00531 {
00532         return syscall(G_NAV_CHECKFAILEDEDGE, failedEdge);
00533 }

void trap_Nav_CheckFailedNodes gentity_t ent  ) 

Definition at line 490 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_NAV_CHECKFAILEDNODES, and gentity_t.

Referenced by G_RunFrame().

00491 {
00492         syscall(G_NAV_CHECKFAILEDNODES, ent);
00493 }

void trap_Nav_ClearAllFailedEdges void   ) 

Definition at line 515 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by NAV_CheckCalcPaths().

00516 {
00517         syscall(G_NAV_CLEARALLFAILEDEDGES);
00518 }

void trap_Nav_ClearCheckedNodes void   ) 

Definition at line 570 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by G_RunFrame().

00571 {
00572         syscall(G_NAV_CLEARCHECKEDNODES);
00573 }

void trap_Nav_ClearFailedEdge failedEdge_t failedEdge  ) 

Definition at line 510 of file g_syscalls.c.

References failedEdge_t, and G_NAV_CLEARFAILEDEDGE.

00511 {
00512         syscall(G_NAV_CLEARFAILEDEDGE, failedEdge);
00513 }

qboolean trap_Nav_Connected int  startID,
int  endID

Definition at line 470 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_NAV_CONNECTED, and qboolean.

00471 {
00472         return syscall(G_NAV_CONNECTED, startID, endID);
00473 }

int trap_Nav_EdgeFailed int  startID,
int  endID

Definition at line 520 of file g_syscalls.c.


00521 {
00522         return syscall(G_NAV_EDGEFAILED, startID, endID);
00523 }

void trap_Nav_FlagAllNodes int  newFlag  ) 

Definition at line 585 of file g_syscalls.c.


00586 {
00587         syscall(G_NAV_FLAGALLNODES, newFlag);
00588 }

void trap_Nav_Free void   ) 

Definition at line 395 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_NAV_FREE.

Referenced by NAV_Shutdown().

00396 {
00397         syscall(G_NAV_FREE);
00398 }

int trap_Nav_GetBestNode int  startID,
int  endID,
int  rejectID

Definition at line 445 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by NAV_MoveToGoal(), and NAV_ShowDebugInfo().

00446 {
00447         return syscall(G_NAV_GETBESTNODE, startID, endID, rejectID);
00448 }

int trap_Nav_GetBestNodeAltRoute int  startID,
int  endID,
int *  pathCost,
int  rejectID

Definition at line 545 of file g_syscalls.c.


00546 {
00547         return syscall(G_NAV_GETBESTNODEALTROUTE, startID, endID, pathCost, rejectID);
00548 }

int trap_Nav_GetBestNodeAltRoute2 int  startID,
int  endID,
int  rejectID

Definition at line 550 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by NAVNEW_MoveToGoal(), NPC_FindCombatPoint(), and NPC_SearchForWeapons().

00551 {
00552         return syscall(G_NAV_GETBESTNODEALT2, startID, endID, rejectID);
00553 }

int trap_Nav_GetBestPathBetweenEnts gentity_t ent,
gentity_t goal,
int  flags

Definition at line 555 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_NAV_GETBESTPATHBETWEENENTS, and gentity_t.

Referenced by NAVNEW_MoveToGoal(), and NPC_SearchForWeapons().

00556 {
00557         return syscall(G_NAV_GETBESTPATHBETWEENENTS, ent, goal, flags);
00558 }

int trap_Nav_GetEdgeCost int  startID,
int  endID

Definition at line 480 of file g_syscalls.c.


00481 {
00482         return syscall(G_NAV_GETEDGECOST, startID, endID);
00483 }

int trap_Nav_GetNearestNode gentity_t ent,
int  lastID,
int  flags,
int  targetID

Definition at line 440 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_NAV_GETNEARESTNODE, and gentity_t.

Referenced by NAV_FindClosestWaypointForEnt(), NAV_FindClosestWaypointForPoint(), NAV_FindClosestWaypointForPoint2(), NAV_FindPlayerWaypoint(), NAV_GetNearestNode(), NAV_ShowDebugInfo(), and Svcmd_Nav_f().

00441 {
00442         return syscall(G_NAV_GETNEARESTNODE, ent, lastID, flags, targetID);
00443 }

int trap_Nav_GetNodeEdge int  nodeID,
int  edge

Definition at line 460 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by NPC_BSFlee(), NPC_BSSearch(), and NPC_BSWander().

00461 {
00462         return syscall(G_NAV_GETNODEEDGE, nodeID, edge);
00463 }

int trap_Nav_GetNodeNumEdges int  nodeID  ) 

Definition at line 455 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by NPC_BSFlee(), NPC_BSSearch(), and NPC_BSWander().

00456 {
00457         return syscall(G_NAV_GETNODENUMEDGES, nodeID);
00458 }

int trap_Nav_GetNodePosition int  nodeID,
vec3_t  out

Definition at line 450 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_NAV_GETNODEPOSITION, and vec3_t.

Referenced by NAV_MoveToGoal(), NAV_ShowDebugInfo(), NAV_TestBestNode(), NAVNEW_MoveToGoal(), NAVNEW_TestNodeConnectionBlocked(), NPC_BSFlee(), NPC_BSSearch(), NPC_BSSearchStart(), and NPC_BSWander().

00451 {
00452         return syscall(G_NAV_GETNODEPOSITION, nodeID, out);
00453 }

int trap_Nav_GetNodeRadius int  nodeID  ) 

Definition at line 560 of file g_syscalls.c.


00561 {
00562         return syscall(G_NAV_GETNODERADIUS, nodeID);
00563 }

int trap_Nav_GetNumNodes void   ) 

Definition at line 465 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by Svcmd_Nav_f().

00466 {
00467         return syscall(G_NAV_GETNUMNODES);
00468 }

int trap_Nav_GetPathCost int  startID,
int  endID

Definition at line 475 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by AI_ClosestGroupEntityNumToPoint(), AI_SortGroupByPathCostToEnemy(), NPC_FindCombatPoint(), and ST_Commander().

00476 {
00477         return syscall(G_NAV_GETPATHCOST, startID, endID);
00478 }

qboolean trap_Nav_GetPathsCalculated void   ) 

Definition at line 590 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_NAV_GETPATHSCALCULATED, and qboolean.

00591 {
00592         return syscall(G_NAV_GETPATHSCALCULATED);
00593 }

int trap_Nav_GetProjectedNode vec3_t  origin,
int  nodeID

Definition at line 485 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_NAV_GETPROJECTEDNODE, and vec3_t.

00486 {
00487         return syscall(G_NAV_GETPROJECTEDNODE, origin, nodeID);
00488 }

void trap_Nav_HardConnect int  first,
int  second

Definition at line 420 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by NAV_CalculatePaths().

00421 {
00422         syscall(G_NAV_HARDCONNECT, first, second);
00423 }

void trap_Nav_Init void   ) 

Definition at line 390 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_NAV_INIT.

00391 {
00392         syscall(G_NAV_INIT);
00393 }

qboolean trap_Nav_Load const char *  filename,
int  checksum

Definition at line 400 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_NAV_LOAD, and qboolean.

Referenced by G_InitGame().

00401 {
00402         return syscall(G_NAV_LOAD, filename, checksum);
00403 }

qboolean trap_Nav_NodeFailed gentity_t ent,
int  nodeID

Definition at line 500 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_NAV_NODEFAILED, gentity_t, and qboolean.

00501 {
00502         return syscall(G_NAV_NODEFAILED, ent, nodeID);
00503 }

qboolean trap_Nav_NodesAreNeighbors int  startID,
int  endID

Definition at line 505 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_NAV_NODESARENEIGHBORS, and qboolean.

Referenced by NAVNEW_MoveToGoal().

00506 {
00507         return syscall(G_NAV_NODESARENEIGHBORS, startID, endID);
00508 }

qboolean trap_Nav_RouteBlocked int  startID,
int  testEdgeID,
int  endID,
int  rejectRank

Definition at line 540 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_NAV_ROUTEBLOCKED, and qboolean.

00541 {
00542         return syscall(G_NAV_ROUTEBLOCKED, startID, testEdgeID, endID, rejectRank);
00543 }

qboolean trap_Nav_Save const char *  filename,
int  checksum

Definition at line 405 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_NAV_SAVE, and qboolean.

Referenced by NAV_CheckCalcPaths().

00406 {
00407         return syscall(G_NAV_SAVE, filename, checksum);
00408 }

void trap_Nav_SetCheckedNode int  wayPoint,
int  ent,
int  value

Definition at line 580 of file g_syscalls.c.


00581 {
00582         syscall(G_NAV_SETCHECKEDNODE, wayPoint, ent, value);
00583 }

void trap_Nav_SetPathsCalculated qboolean  newVal  ) 

Definition at line 595 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by G_InitGame(), and NAV_CalculatePaths().

00596 {
00597         syscall(G_NAV_SETPATHSCALCULATED, newVal);
00598 }

void trap_Nav_ShowEdges void   ) 

Definition at line 430 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by NAV_ShowDebugInfo().

00431 {
00432         syscall(G_NAV_SHOWEDGES);
00433 }

void trap_Nav_ShowNodes void   ) 

Definition at line 425 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by NAV_ShowDebugInfo().

00426 {
00427         syscall(G_NAV_SHOWNODES);
00428 }

void trap_Nav_ShowPath int  start,
int  end

Definition at line 435 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_NAV_SHOWPATH.

Referenced by NAV_MoveToGoal(), NAV_ShowDebugInfo(), and NAVNEW_MoveToGoal().

00436 {
00437         syscall(G_NAV_SHOWPATH, start, end);
00438 }

int trap_PC_FreeSource int  handle  ) 

Definition at line 1163 of file g_syscalls.c.


01163                                      {
01164         return syscall( BOTLIB_PC_FREE_SOURCE, handle );
01165 }

int trap_PC_LoadSource const char *  filename  ) 

Definition at line 1159 of file g_syscalls.c.


01159                                                {
01160         return syscall( BOTLIB_PC_LOAD_SOURCE, filename );
01161 }

int trap_PC_ReadToken int  handle,
pc_token_t pc_token

Definition at line 1167 of file g_syscalls.c.

References BOTLIB_PC_READ_TOKEN, and pc_token_t.

01167                                                           {
01168         return syscall( BOTLIB_PC_READ_TOKEN, handle, pc_token );
01169 }

int trap_PC_SourceFileAndLine int  handle,
char *  filename,
int *  line

Definition at line 1171 of file g_syscalls.c.


01171                                                                        {
01172         return syscall( BOTLIB_PC_SOURCE_FILE_AND_LINE, handle, filename, line );
01173 }

int trap_PointContents const vec3_t  point,
int  passEntityNum

Definition at line 157 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_POINT_CONTENTS, and vec3_t.

Referenced by ClientThink_real(), DoImpact(), G_RunItem(), G_SetAnim(), NPC_CheckEnemyStealth(), player_die(), SiegeItemThink(), and SpectatorThink().

00157                                                                 {
00158         return syscall( G_POINT_CONTENTS, point, passEntityNum );
00159 }

int trap_PrecisionTimer_End void *  theTimer  ) 

Definition at line 52 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by G_RunFrame().

00053 {
00054         return syscall(G_PRECISIONTIMER_END, theTimer);
00055 }

void trap_PrecisionTimer_Start void **  theNewTimer  ) 

Definition at line 46 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by G_RunFrame().

00047 {
00048         syscall(G_PRECISIONTIMER_START, theNewTimer);
00049 }

void trap_Printf const char *  fmt  ) 

Definition at line 27 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_PRINT.

Referenced by G_GetBotInfoByNumber(), G_Printf(), Svcmd_AddBot_f(), and Svcmd_BotList_f().

00027                                        {
00028         syscall( G_PRINT, fmt );
00029 }

qhandle_t trap_R_RegisterSkin const char *  name  ) 

Definition at line 1179 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_R_REGISTERSKIN, name, and qhandle_t.

01180 {
01181         return syscall( G_R_REGISTERSKIN, name );
01182 }

int trap_RealTime qtime_t qtime  ) 

Definition at line 231 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_REAL_TIME, and qtime_t.

00231                                     {
00232         return syscall( G_REAL_TIME, qtime );
00233 }

void trap_RMG_Init int  terrainID  ) 

Definition at line 1478 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_RMG_INIT.

Referenced by SP_terrain().

01479 { //rwwRMG - added [NEWTRAP]
01480         syscall(G_RMG_INIT, terrainID);
01481 }

int trap_ROFF_Cache char *  file  ) 

Definition at line 267 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by Q3_Play().

00268 {
00269         return syscall( G_ROFF_CACHE, file );
00270 }

qboolean trap_ROFF_Clean void   ) 

Definition at line 257 of file g_syscalls.c.

References CG_ROFF_CLEAN, G_ROFF_CLEAN, and qboolean.

00258 {
00259         return syscall( G_ROFF_CLEAN );
00260 }

qboolean trap_ROFF_Play int  entID,
int  roffID,
qboolean  doTranslation

Definition at line 272 of file g_syscalls.c.

References CG_ROFF_PLAY, G_ROFF_PLAY, and qboolean.

Referenced by CG_EntityEvent(), G_ROFF_NotetrackCallback(), and Q3_Play().

00273 {
00274         return syscall( G_ROFF_PLAY, entID, roffID, doTranslation );
00275 }

qboolean trap_ROFF_Purge_Ent int  entID  ) 

Definition at line 277 of file g_syscalls.c.

References CG_ROFF_PURGE_ENT, G_ROFF_PURGE_ENT, and qboolean.

00278 {
00279         return syscall( G_ROFF_PURGE_ENT, entID );
00280 }

void trap_ROFF_UpdateEntities void   ) 

Definition at line 262 of file g_syscalls.c.


00263 {
00264         syscall( G_ROFF_UPDATE_ENTITIES );
00265 }

void trap_SendConsoleCommand int  exec_when,
const char *  text

Definition at line 101 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by CG_TargetCommand_f(), CG_Weapon_f(), CG_WeaponClean_f(), CheckTeamVote(), CheckTournament(), CheckVote(), Cmd_CallVote_f(), ConsoleCommand(), ExitLevel(), G_AddRandomBot(), G_KickAllBots(), G_RemoveRandomBot(), target_level_change_use(), and UpdateTournamentInfo().

00101                                                                    {
00102         syscall( G_SEND_CONSOLE_COMMAND, exec_when, text );
00103 }

void trap_SendServerCommand int  clientNum,
const char *  text

Definition at line 114 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by BroadcastTeamChange(), CheatsOk(), CheckExitRules(), CheckTeamVote(), CheckTournament(), CheckVote(), ClientBegin(), ClientCommand(), ClientConnect(), ClientInactivityTimer(), ClientNumberFromString(), ClientThink_real(), ClientUserinfoChanged(), Cmd_CallTeamVote_f(), Cmd_CallVote_f(), Cmd_DuelTeam_f(), Cmd_EngageDuel_f(), Cmd_ForceChanged_f(), Cmd_God_f(), Cmd_Kill_f(), Cmd_LevelShot_f(), Cmd_Noclip_f(), Cmd_Notarget_f(), Cmd_SaberAttackCycle_f(), Cmd_SetViewpos_f(), Cmd_SiegeClass_f(), Cmd_Team_f(), Cmd_TeamVote_f(), Cmd_Vote_f(), Cmd_Where_f(), ConsoleCommand(), DeathmatchScoreboardMessage(), G_FreeEntity(), G_KillG2Queue(), G_SendG2KillQueue(), G_SiegeClientExData(), G_TeamCommand(), G_UpdateCvars(), JMSaberTouch(), MaintainBodyQueue(), PrintTeam(), SetTeam(), Svcmd_AddBot_f(), TeamplayInfoMessage(), Use_Target_Print(), and WP_InitForcePowers().

00114                                                                {
00115         syscall( G_SEND_SERVER_COMMAND, clientNum, text );
00116 }

void trap_SetActiveSubBSP int  index  ) 

Definition at line 1468 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by SP_misc_bsp().

01469 { //rwwRMG - added [NEWTRAP]
01470         syscall( G_SET_ACTIVE_SUBBSP, index );
01471 }

void trap_SetBrushModel gentity_t ent,
const char *  name

Definition at line 144 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_SET_BRUSH_MODEL, gentity_t, and name.

Referenced by func_wait_return_solid(), InitTrigger(), SP_func_bobbing(), SP_func_button(), SP_func_door(), SP_func_glass(), SP_func_pendulum(), SP_func_plat(), SP_func_rotating(), SP_func_static(), SP_func_train(), SP_func_usable(), SP_func_wall(), SP_misc_bsp(), SP_terrain(), and SP_trigger_asteroid_field().

00144                                                             {
00145         syscall( G_SET_BRUSH_MODEL, ent, name );
00146 }

void trap_SetConfigstring int  num,
const char *  string

Definition at line 118 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by AdjustTournamentScores(), BeginIntermission(), CalculateRanks(), CheckIntermissionExit(), CheckTeamVote(), CheckTournament(), CheckVote(), ClientDisconnect(), ClientUserinfoChanged(), Cmd_CallTeamVote_f(), Cmd_CallVote_f(), Cmd_TeamVote_f(), Cmd_Vote_f(), G_InitGame(), G_RemapTeamShaders(), G_SiegeSetObjectiveComplete(), G_UseTargets2(), InitSiegeMode(), JMSaberTouch(), LogExit(), multi_trigger_run(), SaveRegisteredItems(), SiegeBeginRound(), SiegeCheckTimers(), SiegeRoundComplete(), SiegeSetCompleteData(), SP_misc_skyportal(), SP_terrain(), SP_worldspawn(), target_play_music_use(), Team_SetFlagStatus(), and ThrowSaberToAttacker().

00118                                                          {
00119         syscall( G_SET_CONFIGSTRING, num, string );
00120 }

void trap_SetServerCull float  cullDistance  ) 

Definition at line 139 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by SP_worldspawn().

00140 {
00141         syscall(G_SET_SERVER_CULL, PASSFLOAT(cullDistance));
00142 }

void trap_SetUserinfo int  num,
const char *  buffer

Definition at line 130 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_SET_USERINFO.

Referenced by ClientBegin(), ClientSpawn(), ClientUserinfoChanged(), Cmd_TeamTask_f(), and SetTeamQuick().

00130                                                      {
00131         syscall( G_SET_USERINFO, num, buffer );
00132 }

void trap_SiegePersGet siegePers_t pers  ) 

Definition at line 214 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_SIEGEPERSGET, and siegePers_t.

Referenced by InitSiegeMode(), and SiegeTeamSwitch().

00215 {
00216         syscall(G_SIEGEPERSGET, pers);
00217 }

void trap_SiegePersSet siegePers_t pers  ) 

Definition at line 210 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_SIEGEPERSSET, and siegePers_t.

Referenced by SiegeClearSwitchData(), and SiegeTeamSwitch().

00211 {
00212         syscall(G_SIEGEPERSSET, pers);
00213 }

void trap_SnapVector float *  v  ) 

Definition at line 235 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by PmoveSingle().

00235                                  {
00236         syscall( G_SNAPVECTOR, v );
00237 }

int trap_SP_GetStringTextString const char *  text,
char *  buffer,
int  bufferLength

Definition at line 252 of file g_syscalls.c.


00253 {
00254         return syscall( SP_GETSTRINGTEXTSTRING, text, buffer, bufferLength );
00255 }

int trap_StringContains char *  str1,
char *  str2,
int  casesensitive

Definition at line 933 of file g_syscalls.c.


00933                                                                    {
00934         return syscall( BOTLIB_AI_STRING_CONTAINS, str1, str2, casesensitive );
00935 }

void trap_SV_RegisterSharedMemory char *  memory  ) 

Definition at line 601 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by G_InitGame().

00602 {
00603         syscall(G_SET_SHARED_BUFFER, memory);
00604 }

void trap_Trace trace_t results,
const vec3_t  start,
const vec3_t  mins,
const vec3_t  maxs,
const vec3_t  end,
int  passEntityNum,
int  contentmask

Definition at line 148 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_TRACE, and vec3_t.

Referenced by BG_VehTraceFromCamPos(), Boba_FireDecide(), Boba_FireFlameThrower(), BotFallbackNavigation(), BotSurfaceNear(), BotTrace_Duck(), BotTrace_Jump(), BotTrace_Strafe(), CalcEntitySpot(), CanDamage(), CanGetToVector(), CanGetToVectorTravel(), CanSee(), CanShoot(), CheckForFriendInLOF(), CheckForFunc(), ClientCommand(), ClientThink_real(), Cmd_EngageDuel_f(), ConnectTrail(), CreateShield(), CTFFlagMovement(), Do_Strike(), DoGripAction(), DoorBlockingSection(), EntityVisibleBox(), EWeb_Create(), EWebPositionUser(), FinishSpawningItem(), FireVehicleWeapon(), FlagObjects(), ForceGrip(), ForceShootDrain(), ForceShootLightning(), ForceTelepathyCheckDirectNPCTarget(), ForceThrow(), G_CheckInSolid(), G_ClearLineOfSight(), G_ClearLOS(), G_ClearTrace(), G_EstimateCamPos(), G_ExpandPointToBBox(), G_ItemUsable(), G_PortalifyEntities(), G_RecursiveConnection(), G_RMGPathing(), G_RunExPhys(), G_RunItem(), G_RunMissile(), G_RunObject(), G_SetAnim(), G_TestEntityPosition(), G_VehicleTrace(), GetNearestBadThing(), GetNewFlagPoint(), Howler_TryDamage(), ImperialProbe_Strafe(), ImperialProbe_Wait(), Interrogator_Strafe(), Jedi_CheckFlipEvasions(), Jedi_FindEnemyInCone(), laserTrapThink(), maglock_link(), MeleeCombatHandling(), MineMonster_TryDamage(), NAV_CheckAhead(), NAV_ClearPathToPoint(), NAV_StackedCanyon(), NAV_TestBestNode(), NAVNEW_ClearPathBetweenPoints(), NAVNEW_PushBlocker(), NAVNEW_SidestepBlocker(), NAVNEW_TestNodeConnectionBlocked(), NPC_BSAdvanceFight(), NPC_BSGM_Attack(), NPC_BSGM_Default(), NPC_BSGrenadier_Attack(), NPC_BSSniper_Attack(), NPC_CheckCanAttack(), NPC_CheckInSolid(), NPC_ClearShot(), NPC_FindCombatPoint(), NPC_MoveDirClear(), NPC_Probe_Pain(), NPC_ShotEntity(), NPC_Spawn_Do(), NPC_SpawnType(), OrgVisible(), OrgVisibleBox(), OrgVisibleCurve(), pas_adjust_enemy(), Pickup_Powerup(), pitch_roll_for_slope(), PlaceShield(), Rancor_CheckDropVictim(), Remote_Strafe(), SaberCombatHandling(), saberFirstThrown(), Seeker_Strafe(), SeekerDroneUpdate(), Sentry_Strafe(), ShieldGoSolid(), ShotThroughGlass(), SiegeTakesPriority(), Sniper_FaceEnemy(), SP_emplaced_gun(), SP_misc_ammo_floor_unit(), SP_misc_holocron(), SP_misc_shield_floor_unit(), SpectatorThink(), StrafeTracing(), target_laser_think(), TryUse(), turret_base_think(), turretG2_base_think(), VEH_TurretThink(), W_TraceSetStart(), waypoint_testDirection(), WP_DisruptorAltFire(), WP_FireMelee(), WP_FireStunBaton(), WP_LobFire(), WP_SaberPositionUpdate(), WP_SaberStartMissileBlockCheck(), WP_VehCheckTraceFromCamPos(), and WPOrgVisible().

00148                                                                                                                                                     {
00149         syscall( G_TRACE, results, start, mins, maxs, end, passEntityNum, contentmask, 0, 10 );
00150 }

void trap_TraceCapsule trace_t results,
const vec3_t  start,
const vec3_t  mins,
const vec3_t  maxs,
const vec3_t  end,
int  passEntityNum,
int  contentmask

Definition at line 239 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_TRACECAPSULE, and vec3_t.

00239                                                                                                                                                            {
00240         syscall( G_TRACECAPSULE, results, start, mins, maxs, end, passEntityNum, contentmask, 0, 10 );
00241 }

void trap_TrueFree void **  ptr  ) 

Definition at line 288 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by ClientCommand(), and strap_TrueFree().

00289 {
00290         syscall(G_TRUEFREE, ptr);
00291 }

void trap_TrueMalloc void **  ptr,
int  size

Definition at line 283 of file g_syscalls.c.


Referenced by ClientCommand(), and strap_TrueMalloc().

00284 {
00285         syscall(G_TRUEMALLOC, ptr, size);
00286 }

void trap_UnifyWhiteSpaces char *  string  ) 

Definition at line 945 of file g_syscalls.c.


00945                                          {
00946         syscall( BOTLIB_AI_UNIFY_WHITE_SPACES, string );
00947 }

void trap_UnlinkEntity gentity_t ent  ) 

Definition at line 182 of file g_syscalls.c.

References G_UNLINKENTITY, and gentity_t.

Referenced by BodyRid(), BodySink(), ClientBegin(), ClientDisconnect(), G_FreeEntity(), G_MoverPush(), G_ResetDuelists(), G_RunFrame(), hurt_use(), NPC_Spawn_Do(), respawn(), SP_trigger_hurt(), SpectatorThink(), target_laser_off(), TeleportPlayer(), and Use_Target_Give().

00182                                          {
00183         syscall( G_UNLINKENTITY, ent );
00184 }