aas_areainfo_s Struct Reference

#include <be_aas.h>

Data Fields

int contents
int flags
int presencetype
int cluster
vec3_t mins
vec3_t maxs
vec3_t center

Field Documentation

vec3_t aas_areainfo_s::center

Definition at line 143 of file be_aas.h.

int aas_areainfo_s::cluster

Definition at line 140 of file be_aas.h.

int aas_areainfo_s::contents

Definition at line 137 of file be_aas.h.

int aas_areainfo_s::flags

Definition at line 138 of file be_aas.h.

vec3_t aas_areainfo_s::maxs

Definition at line 142 of file be_aas.h.

vec3_t aas_areainfo_s::mins

Definition at line 141 of file be_aas.h.

int aas_areainfo_s::presencetype

Definition at line 139 of file be_aas.h.

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