addElectricityArgStruct_t Struct Reference

#include <q_shared.h>

Data Fields

vec3_t start
vec3_t end
float size1
float size2
float sizeParm
float alpha1
float alpha2
float alphaParm
vec3_t sRGB
vec3_t eRGB
float rgbParm
float chaos
int killTime
qhandle_t shader
int flags

Field Documentation

float addElectricityArgStruct_t::alpha1

Definition at line 2629 of file q_shared.h.

float addElectricityArgStruct_t::alpha2

Definition at line 2630 of file q_shared.h.

float addElectricityArgStruct_t::alphaParm

Definition at line 2631 of file q_shared.h.

float addElectricityArgStruct_t::chaos

Definition at line 2635 of file q_shared.h.

vec3_t addElectricityArgStruct_t::end

Definition at line 2625 of file q_shared.h.

vec3_t addElectricityArgStruct_t::eRGB

Definition at line 2633 of file q_shared.h.

int addElectricityArgStruct_t::flags

Definition at line 2638 of file q_shared.h.

int addElectricityArgStruct_t::killTime

Definition at line 2636 of file q_shared.h.

float addElectricityArgStruct_t::rgbParm

Definition at line 2634 of file q_shared.h.

qhandle_t addElectricityArgStruct_t::shader

Definition at line 2637 of file q_shared.h.

float addElectricityArgStruct_t::size1

Definition at line 2626 of file q_shared.h.

float addElectricityArgStruct_t::size2

Definition at line 2627 of file q_shared.h.

float addElectricityArgStruct_t::sizeParm

Definition at line 2628 of file q_shared.h.

vec3_t addElectricityArgStruct_t::sRGB

Definition at line 2632 of file q_shared.h.

vec3_t addElectricityArgStruct_t::start

Definition at line 2624 of file q_shared.h.

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