botlib_export_s Struct Reference

#include <botlib.h>

Data Fields

aas_export_t aas
ea_export_t ea
ai_export_t ai
int(* BotLibSetup )(void)
int(* BotLibShutdown )(void)
int(* BotLibVarSet )(char *var_name, char *value)
int(* BotLibVarGet )(char *var_name, char *value, int size)
int(* PC_AddGlobalDefine )(char *string)
int(* PC_LoadSourceHandle )(const char *filename)
int(* PC_FreeSourceHandle )(int handle)
int(* PC_ReadTokenHandle )(int handle, pc_token_t *pc_token)
int(* PC_SourceFileAndLine )(int handle, char *filename, int *line)
int(* PC_LoadGlobalDefines )(const char *filename)
void(* PC_RemoveAllGlobalDefines )(void)
int(* BotLibStartFrame )(float time)
int(* BotLibLoadMap )(const char *mapname)
int(* BotLibUpdateEntity )(int ent, bot_entitystate_t *state)
int(* Test )(int parm0, char *parm1, vec3_t parm2, vec3_t parm3)

Field Documentation

aas_export_t botlib_export_s::aas

Definition at line 391 of file botlib.h.

ai_export_t botlib_export_s::ai

Definition at line 395 of file botlib.h.

int(* botlib_export_s::BotLibLoadMap)(const char *mapname)

int(* botlib_export_s::BotLibSetup)(void)

int(* botlib_export_s::BotLibShutdown)(void)

int(* botlib_export_s::BotLibStartFrame)(float time)

int(* botlib_export_s::BotLibUpdateEntity)(int ent, bot_entitystate_t *state)

int(* botlib_export_s::BotLibVarGet)(char *var_name, char *value, int size)

int(* botlib_export_s::BotLibVarSet)(char *var_name, char *value)

ea_export_t botlib_export_s::ea

Definition at line 393 of file botlib.h.

int(* botlib_export_s::PC_AddGlobalDefine)(char *string)

int(* botlib_export_s::PC_FreeSourceHandle)(int handle)

int(* botlib_export_s::PC_LoadGlobalDefines)(const char* filename )

int(* botlib_export_s::PC_LoadSourceHandle)(const char *filename)

int(* botlib_export_s::PC_ReadTokenHandle)(int handle, pc_token_t *pc_token)

void(* botlib_export_s::PC_RemoveAllGlobalDefines)( void )

int(* botlib_export_s::PC_SourceFileAndLine)(int handle, char *filename, int *line)

int(* botlib_export_s::Test)(int parm0, char *parm1, vec3_t parm2, vec3_t parm3)

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