ea_export_s Struct Reference

#include <botlib.h>

Data Fields

void(* EA_Command )(int client, char *command)
void(* EA_Say )(int client, char *str)
void(* EA_SayTeam )(int client, char *str)
void(* EA_Action )(int client, int action)
void(* EA_Gesture )(int client)
void(* EA_Talk )(int client)
void(* EA_Attack )(int client)
void(* EA_Use )(int client)
void(* EA_Respawn )(int client)
void(* EA_MoveUp )(int client)
void(* EA_MoveDown )(int client)
void(* EA_MoveForward )(int client)
void(* EA_MoveBack )(int client)
void(* EA_MoveLeft )(int client)
void(* EA_MoveRight )(int client)
void(* EA_Crouch )(int client)
void(* EA_Alt_Attack )(int client)
void(* EA_ForcePower )(int client)
void(* EA_SelectWeapon )(int client, int weapon)
void(* EA_Jump )(int client)
void(* EA_DelayedJump )(int client)
void(* EA_Move )(int client, vec3_t dir, float speed)
void(* EA_View )(int client, vec3_t viewangles)
void(* EA_EndRegular )(int client, float thinktime)
void(* EA_GetInput )(int client, float thinktime, bot_input_t *input)
void(* EA_ResetInput )(int client)

Field Documentation

void(* ea_export_s::EA_Action)(int client, int action)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_Alt_Attack)(int client)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_Attack)(int client)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_Command)(int client, char *command )

void(* ea_export_s::EA_Crouch)(int client)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_DelayedJump)(int client)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_EndRegular)(int client, float thinktime)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_ForcePower)(int client)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_Gesture)(int client)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_GetInput)(int client, float thinktime, bot_input_t *input)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_Jump)(int client)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_Move)(int client, vec3_t dir, float speed)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_MoveBack)(int client)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_MoveDown)(int client)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_MoveForward)(int client)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_MoveLeft)(int client)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_MoveRight)(int client)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_MoveUp)(int client)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_ResetInput)(int client)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_Respawn)(int client)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_Say)(int client, char *str)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_SayTeam)(int client, char *str)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_SelectWeapon)(int client, int weapon)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_Talk)(int client)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_Use)(int client)

void(* ea_export_s::EA_View)(int client, vec3_t viewangles)

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