serverStatus_s Struct Reference

#include <ui_local.h>

Data Fields

pinglist_t pingList [MAX_PINGREQUESTS]
int numqueriedservers
int currentping
int nextpingtime
int maxservers
int refreshtime
int numServers
int sortKey
int sortDir
int lastCount
qboolean refreshActive
int currentServer
int displayServers [MAX_DISPLAY_SERVERS]
int numDisplayServers
int numPlayersOnServers
int nextDisplayRefresh
int nextSortTime
qhandle_t currentServerPreview
int currentServerCinematic
int motdLen
int motdWidth
int motdPaintX
int motdPaintX2
int motdOffset
int motdTime
char motd [MAX_STRING_CHARS]

Field Documentation

int serverStatus_s::currentping

Definition at line 663 of file ui_local.h.

int serverStatus_s::currentServer

Definition at line 672 of file ui_local.h.

Referenced by UI_FeederSelection().

int serverStatus_s::currentServerCinematic

Definition at line 679 of file ui_local.h.

Referenced by _UI_Init(), and UI_FeederSelection().

qhandle_t serverStatus_s::currentServerPreview

Definition at line 678 of file ui_local.h.

Referenced by UI_FeederSelection().

int serverStatus_s::displayServers[MAX_DISPLAY_SERVERS]

Definition at line 673 of file ui_local.h.

Referenced by UI_FeederSelection(), and UI_ServersSort().

int serverStatus_s::lastCount

Definition at line 670 of file ui_local.h.

int serverStatus_s::maxservers

Definition at line 665 of file ui_local.h.

char serverStatus_s::motd[MAX_STRING_CHARS]

Definition at line 686 of file ui_local.h.

int serverStatus_s::motdLen

Definition at line 680 of file ui_local.h.

int serverStatus_s::motdOffset

Definition at line 684 of file ui_local.h.

int serverStatus_s::motdPaintX

Definition at line 682 of file ui_local.h.

int serverStatus_s::motdPaintX2

Definition at line 683 of file ui_local.h.

int serverStatus_s::motdTime

Definition at line 685 of file ui_local.h.

int serverStatus_s::motdWidth

Definition at line 681 of file ui_local.h.

int serverStatus_s::nextDisplayRefresh

Definition at line 676 of file ui_local.h.

int serverStatus_s::nextpingtime

Definition at line 664 of file ui_local.h.

int serverStatus_s::nextSortTime

Definition at line 677 of file ui_local.h.

int serverStatus_s::numDisplayServers

Definition at line 674 of file ui_local.h.

Referenced by UI_ServersSort().

int serverStatus_s::numPlayersOnServers

Definition at line 675 of file ui_local.h.

int serverStatus_s::numqueriedservers

Definition at line 662 of file ui_local.h.

int serverStatus_s::numServers

Definition at line 667 of file ui_local.h.

pinglist_t serverStatus_s::pingList[MAX_PINGREQUESTS]

Definition at line 661 of file ui_local.h.

qboolean serverStatus_s::refreshActive

Definition at line 671 of file ui_local.h.

int serverStatus_s::refreshtime

Definition at line 666 of file ui_local.h.

int serverStatus_s::sortDir

Definition at line 669 of file ui_local.h.

int serverStatus_s::sortKey

Definition at line 668 of file ui_local.h.

Referenced by UI_ServersSort().

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