tierInfo Struct Reference

#include <ui_local.h>

Data Fields

const char * tierName
const char * maps [MAPS_PER_TIER]
int gameTypes [MAPS_PER_TIER]
qhandle_t mapHandles [MAPS_PER_TIER]

Field Documentation

int tierInfo::gameTypes[MAPS_PER_TIER]

Definition at line 645 of file ui_local.h.

qhandle_t tierInfo::mapHandles[MAPS_PER_TIER]

Definition at line 646 of file ui_local.h.

const char* tierInfo::maps[MAPS_PER_TIER]

Definition at line 644 of file ui_local.h.

const char* tierInfo::tierName

Definition at line 643 of file ui_local.h.

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